Just One Chance (Completed)

"What do you want me to do?"
I glanced at him.
"Well I can't act like I don't care!"
My arms felt weak.
"Please don't say what I think you're about to say."
He grabed me close.
"Make me."


10. Not In a Million Years

RECAP:Another person I didn't recognize was finally a girl, someone I could talk to.

"Hey"I said hoping I would make a good impression.


"So...you're the girl Jack talks about."

I smiled.That's a complement, I think.

"I'm Cat"

I shook her hand.

"Wait? how do you know Jack?"I asked.

"We do acoustic sessions, you know...to get ready for the tour."

"Oh, that's cool. I used to play the guitar."

"Really? did you play bass?"

"Nah, I played acoustic. Now I focus on the piano."

"Haha,"she chuckled.

"The way you said it."

"Yeah, it didn't really work out,"I said.

"Why don't you try it out?"

Cat brings out a acoustic guitar that had an "X" on it.

The designs were different.Each one stood for something.

I glance at the pink pick sticking out at the end.

It was a while until I realized what she said.

"Nah, I can't do that."

I started sweating. I couldn't play guitar again.I could barely go through one song without choking.

She holds up her guitar.Rian and Zack stare at their phones, but start to look up.I look around but Alex and Jack are nowhere to be found.They're probaly about to go on stage.Wait! Why is Rian and Zack still here?

"Come on, all you need is a little push."

I look up and John's back.I manage to choke up some words.

"Yeah, I can."

I pick up the guitar and my fingers start strumming.I start to play The Rapture, a song by Fort Hope.The melody is beautiful.John starts to notice and smiles.

I open my mouth and start sing.I didn't even notice, it just started flowing.My voice started to get louder.

So these are the choices I-

Decided it's right to lie 

Just to cover it up and bury it tonight

Right at the best part me fingers start shaking.My fingers hit the wrong note, and I stop.

"Sorry, I messed up."

"No, it's fine, that was nice."

"You just need to get used to it, you probaly haven't played in months."

Rian and Zack start clapping.

I put down the guitar.

"That's true."

"I'll tell you one thing, that was a beautiful voice of yours."

It was John. He sat next to me.


"So, you learned my songs."

"Well yeah, I kind of had to, so if moments like this popped up."

He laughed.

"I think that's cool.Before we came to America I never thought we would have fans like you."

I changed the subject.

"Can I ask you a question?"


"How do you deal with this."

"What do you mean? on stage?"

He looked confused.


"I do what I always do.Give the people what they want."

A grin was still able to apear on his face.

"Don't be too hard on yourself.You'll get it soon enough."

He sat up and made his way towards the door.

"Oh, and please don't give up on singing."

I laughed.

"Not in a million years."



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