Just One Chance (Completed)

"What do you want me to do?"
I glanced at him.
"Well I can't act like I don't care!"
My arms felt weak.
"Please don't say what I think you're about to say."
He grabed me close.
"Make me."


2. Meeting Jack Barakat

Meeting Jack Barakat

I was walking to the jam fest when I hear a loud scream. So I went to check it out. Then I see him , he has on a black shirt with blue letters that say “Be the first to set the last”and dark blue shoes from a brand I don’t know.

“Can you help me ? Rians about to fuck me up”

I didn’t answer because I didnt know him and also I didnt know if he was talking to me.

“Hey you in the red”

Now I knew he was talking to me.

He came closer which made me a little nervous.

“You don’t talk much , where ya headed ?”

I was about to answer but then my thoughts came out of my mouth.

“I do , you just don’t know me I’m a fun person” 

"Like that’s true” I gave him a annoyed stare.

“I’m just kidding”he said.

“Oh...I like your shirt then.”

“I like yours too”

“No you don’t”

“Yeah I just wanted to say something nice about you”

“Well your wrong;cause there’s alot of nice things about me”

“Oh really , what’s your name ?”


“Hmm…that sounds slutty I’m gonna call you Angel”

I gave him a confused glare. How do you get slutty from Angelina ? Jack is- He’s something I just met someone and I already have a nick name wow.

I don’t know why but he seems like a nice guy...not really.

We started walking.

“What’s your name huh ?”


“That seems short I’m gonna call you Jackson” He chuckled.

“You really think you’re cute don’t you?”

“I know I am”I said I laughed.

“Kidding” He looked at me with a serious look.

That only made me laugh harder.

“Ha whatever”

“Make a promise”

“I promise”

“To never screw up and to stick to what I say”

“I don’t know about this ?”

He looked at me , in the eye. 

“I never regret what I say I promise” 

"To never screw up and to stick to what Jackson says”

“Okay now you can have the greatest night of your life...but don’t call me jackson”

“Admit it you like me”I said.

“Okay okay I like you”

We walk inside the Jam fest.

That night was pretty crazy since then.


I took a shower and got dressed in a white skirt a black shirt with black combat boots.

That’s when Alex texted me. A: Wanna go get coffee M: Ya when? and are we going with Jack and them A: No Jack has an interview and mines not till 5.Why would he want to get coffee with me alone… A: Don’t take this the wrong way M: No it’s ok I totally understand, just a friendly stroll A: So I’ll meet you there M: Yeah bye.Once I go over there I can’t find him.

“Angel!” I look behind me and it’s him.

“You scared me”

“You should have seen your face”

“Ha okay you got me”

Were at a table in the middle of the room,talking.

 “You know that song called Our Flag Is White”I ask.

“Yeah I love it”

“I know” We start singing the lyrics when he stops.

“What” “I’ve never heard you sing before” I stop.

He looks at me waiting for something. Almost everyone starts looking at me.

“I don’t feel like it not today”

“Come on pleasee for ATL”

Hmm.I sigh I sing one line from my favorite song and he doesnt reply which makes me more nervous.

“You’re awful you sound like a pig !”

I glared at him.

“You were amazing I just said that to get you pissed”

“Don’t do that you made me nervous”

“You hate me, don’t you”he says.

He looks at me and I smile putting my head down.

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