Just One Chance (Completed)

"What do you want me to do?"
I glanced at him.
"Well I can't act like I don't care!"
My arms felt weak.
"Please don't say what I think you're about to say."
He grabed me close.
"Make me."


25. Everlong

I woke up in the extra guestroom.


I decided to look good today since it was sunny.


I was showing off a black tank top with highwaisted jeans and white converse.


Jeremy and Hayden were asleep so I started to cook.


“What’s cooking?” Hayden came in wearing a silk white gown.


“Bacon,” I said.


“Mhhmm,” she sat at the table.


“So, where you going today?”


“Just to take pictures.”


Half of it wasn’t a lie, I had got a new camera.


“Don’t lie to me, I’ve never seen you dressed like this in the morning.”


“I’m going to see Jack okay?”


“Jack Jack, you're long lost love.”


“Were not lovers anymore, things just didn’t work out.”


I remember how he used to stay over my house. We were so young, and too stupid give a shit.


Jack texted me.


Meet at the coffee shop. I’ll pick you up at two.


I had three hours.


I got a cup of coffee and took two pills.


My cramps were bad.


I was starting to feel a little better, but my foot was tapping.


The more I waited, the more nervous I had gotten.


Jack’s  hair was done, he had on a black shirt, and he clearly had a better fashion sense than I did.




“Hey Jack.”


Surprisingly he hugged me. He smelled like mints, and cherry flavored gum.


“You ready?”


“Let’s go.”


While we were driving he had to make a phone call.


“Yeah, I’ll be there in a minute,” he said.


“I thought you said you would.”


“No Tracy-” he was cut off.


“Can we please talk about this when I get home?”


The name Tracy sounded familiar.


“Sorry,” he said.


“Now Angel when we get there, there’s someone I want you to meet.”


Jack and I went inside his apartment.


“You want anything to- wait scratch that,”


He got me a sprite.


“You still remember?”


“Of Course I do.”


It was a little quiet until someone knocked on the door.


Jack opened it halfway.


“Angel, can you excuse us for a minute.”


“Yeah,” I said politely.


Once I closed Jack’s door in his room, I heard yelling.


I looked around his room and saw some guitars, and pictures of him on tour.


It was silent, and I heard someone sigh.




I opened the door.




I walked up to Jack, and saw him holding a baby in his hand.


“This is Anabella,”


My eyes watered.


“She was named after you.”


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