Just One Chance (Completed)

"What do you want me to do?"
I glanced at him.
"Well I can't act like I don't care!"
My arms felt weak.
"Please don't say what I think you're about to say."
He grabed me close.
"Make me."


9. Doubt


"Alexxxx!!!! wake up we have to meet John at the festival."shouted Jack.

He slaps the pillow in my ear.

"Okay.Fine. Stop yelling in my ear."

My eyes open and I see Angel sitting at the corner of my bed.

Why didn't he tell me Angel was here?

I would've been up five minutes ago.

I still manage to smile when she grinned.

Jack puts down the pillow, and goes in another room dragging Angel.

I wipe my eyes and slowly walk towards the shower.

Once I get ready I put on my Jack Daniels shirt.

I open my door and see both of them laughing on the couch.

"You guy's ready?"

"Yeah lets go."

Both of them stand up and walk out the door.

"Has Angel met John before?"

"She's only been to his concerts in the U.K."


Once we get downstairs, I open the car door.

"Who's driving?"

"Not it"Angel and Jack said at the same time.


Angel sat in the front while Jack slept in the back.

Jack promised after halfway they would switch spots.

He was laying down sideways with drool coming out of his mouth.

It's not like I mind anyway.

I was too busy laughing my ass off at Angel.

"Shhh"she whispered.


Angel took off her seat belt.

I looked back at Jack and saw a penis on his face.

"Nice"I whispered.

A couple of minutes later she was knocked out.

Her head laying next to my arm.


"Wake up,we're here!"

Angel's head comes up like a lost puppy.

Jack raises his head and looks in the front mirror.

"Real funny you guys."

"Hey, don't look at me it's Angel!"

"Come here."

"No!!!!!"Angel says and runs out of the car.

Jack runs after her.

"There, were even."he says.

I hop out the car and see that Angel has one just like Jack's.

"Jack!"she says smilling.

Jack lossens his grip on her.

We walk to the building.

As we get in a bunch of people swarm over.


I try to make my way to the back,but Alex pulls me away.

"Just ignore them."he says.

We make are way back stage but I couldn't come since I didn't have a pass.

Alex tells me to wait by the door but I feel uncomfterable.

Just as I'm about to leave I feel someone yank the back of my jacket.

"Now where do you think you're going?"

It was Jack.I felt lost for words so he interupted me.

"Come on."

I followed him not knowing what was in store.It kind of exicided me in a weird way.

He leaded me to this closed wooded door and opened it.

"Hi guys."

Rian and Zack hugged me, suprisingly.

Behind them a saw a guy with a black tshirt.He had some tattoos and platinum blonde hair.His smile widened when he saw me.I didn't know why.As he got closer I could recognise his face.It was John Gaskin from Fort Hope.The band I saw in concert years ago!

He held out his hand.

"John this is-"

"Wait I forgot her name"Jack added.

I slapped him on the shoulder, still looking at John.

"Oww,you're strong.This is Angel."

His british accent was more thick in person.

I shook his hand lighty,but not too light.

"It's nice to meet you, you look familiar",he said not saying the "r" strongly.

"Everyone says that.I just went to one of your concerts in the U.K."

"Really? is that's why you're so nervous?"he laughed.

I thought no one could tell but I guess I was wrong.How embarassing.

"Welcome to America."  

Alex came out of nowhere.

Both of them came into a hug.

I could feel the bass from the stage.

"So,you guys playin tonight ? "John asked.

"That depends, if you're gonna watch,"Alex said.

Both of them laughed.

When all time low traveled to the U.K. Fort Hope saw them in concert.

Another person I didn't recognize was finally a girl, someone I could talk to.

"Hey"I said hoping I would make a good impression.


"So...you're the girl Jack talks about."

I smiled.That's a complement, I think.

"I'm Cat"

I shook her hand.





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