Just One Chance (Completed)

"What do you want me to do?"
I glanced at him.
"Well I can't act like I don't care!"
My arms felt weak.
"Please don't say what I think you're about to say."
He grabed me close.
"Make me."


17. Breaking Ground

I heard a knock on my door at 2:00 in the morning. 

I moaned and got out of bed. I had to wake up early in the morning, so I was planning to get more sleep.  

It shocked me that Angel was my door since the last time we talked was a few hours ago. I was standing clad in my underwear.

"Jack I'm sorry, I never intended to-"

"Angel what the fuck? You can't possibly think what I said was true. I was just fucking pissed."

Angel's eyes were puffy from crying and some of her mascara was smeared.

"You mean a lot to me, so when you started ignoring me I thought I'd never see you again," I said.

"Jack I know, but some of it was true."

"John got in a car by driving while he hammered. God I miss that guy, " I sighed.

Angel laid down on the couch and sighed.

"I'm so exhausted. Can we pretend this never happened?"

I smiled, "I would like that, but I didn't know about-"

"It happened a while ago, he only did once, because I got away from him before he could do it again."

"I thought Alex was one of his friends."

She stood up close to where I sat.

"I just couldn't go back to him."  She looked into my eyes.

"I have something to tell you," Angel said.

I was afraid she was going to tell me that she didn't love me, or that she found someone else.

"Wait, hold on I have to show you something."

I picked up my jeans and searched through my front pocket and got something small.

"Remember when I had a photo shoot in LA and we stopped by the beach."

She nodded her head.

"Well I just found this in my pocket a couple of days ago. I totally forgot it was in there."

"It's your very own pick. After I heard you played I picked one up."

"It was actually kind of Alex's idea, but I'm taking the credit." 

Angel laughed and took it out of my hand.

"It's pretty," she said.

Angel waved her hands to stop from crying.

"Is someone gonna cry?" I said in an accent.

"Shut up,"she said and pushed me.

"So which movie do you wanna watch? Rush Hour, Home Alone, or Predator."

"We've already watched home alone Jack, its not even Christmas yet."

"Rush Hour."

"Rush Hour it is."

"Any drinks?"

"Sierra mist?"  

"Sprite it is."  

I walked over to the kitchen and she chuckled.

"Nice boxers."

I looked down and remembered that I had American Dad on them.

"It's my favorite okay."

I went to go grab some covers and she was just in a bra and underwear.

I scooted close to her and cuddled from behind.

"So I guess this means we're back together right ?"

She rolled her eyes and I smiled.

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