Just One Chance (Completed)

"What do you want me to do?"
I glanced at him.
"Well I can't act like I don't care!"
My arms felt weak.
"Please don't say what I think you're about to say."
He grabed me close.
"Make me."


24. Around the world and back

It’s already been months since I’ve seen Jack. 


We still texted once in awhile, but it wasn't the same.


I saw videos of him on tour, and he used snapchat often.


There was a period, I was so busy taking care of my parent’s that I forgot Baltimore even existed.


I shivered at the thought.


By faith or luck, my parents didn't need me anymore.


I was guided to the airport, and it was time to say goodbye.


“I’ll see you later honey,” my mom said.


My dad started crying, “I’ll miss my little baby.”


“Come on,” I smiled. “I’ll be back for Christmas.”


I was pulled into a group hug.


I don’t know why, but I was nervous.


Although I had been on an airplane before.


Maybe it was the rush of coming back to Baltimore.


I barely knew where I was going, or what I would do when I got there.




I had got a text from Hayden.


So glad you’re back :)


I talked to her about my time away on the phone.


I was scared she had forgotten about me. It had been eight months since I’d last seen her.


I uploaded a picture of me near the window.


Back Home.


Jack had replied, “Good to see you loser X” 


Just then I had got a text that said,


We should catch up tomorrow ;)


My heart stopped. What would I even say? Would it be awkward?


I woke up from daydreaming.


Hayden had been waiting for me at the exit.


In the car we chatted about how I’d been.


“So, guess who wants to see you?”




We pulled up at her house, and her boyfriend Jeremy was waiting outside.


“So this is the girl that I’ve been waiting to meet. Hayden talks about you all the time.”


He was wearing a long sleeve grey shirt with brown shoes and jeans.


“It’s nice to meet you Jeremy.”


“I’ll grab those,” he said and took my bags.


I glanced at Hayden and raised my eyebrows.


“I approve,” I said and she giggled.


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