The Solitary Girl

She once told me that you can never change anyone- people only evolve as time progresses and when society sets new standards. She won't admit she's reconsidering this theory of hers now. Trailer Credit: HSxox_ (with a check mark)


3. 1

When I reached my apartment and walked inside, I was greeted by those damn boxes I have to unpack. My will to do anything vanished when I saw I put all the boxes in one place making it look like I had more boxes than I really did. In all honesty, I didn't bring much stuff with me. The apartment was already furnished, so most of the boxes contained my wardrobe.

I sighed and felt a wave of tiredness as I stood in front of the door. I dodged a couple of boxes and sat on the couch in front of the television. This place is so small and this couch feels like it's a rock covered in cloth. The television looked decent and hopeful, so I picked up the remote from the tiny wooden coffee table. I pressed the on button, but nothing happened. I pressed it one more time, but the television screen remained black. I groaned and tossed the remote to the opposite end of the couch.

I looked around my new home and sighed once more. I couldn't have picked a crappier place to live in. The add online was deceiving with all the attention put into how low the price is compared to other apartments. I don't have a whole bunch of money to my name, so of course the price of the place was the deal breaker. I did another double-take of the place and forced myself off the couch to unpack my intimidating boxes.


"This has to be a joke." I said out loud as I stood in the bathroom staring at the toilet.

I had only pissed, but the toilet refused to flush. I can't deal with a broken toilet right now. My list of things that need to be fixed or replaced is already too long. I thought I had been groaning all day as I decided to check the problem for myself. When I lifted the lid to the tank behind the bowl of the toilet, I saw there was nothing inside. What kind of cheap apartment is this? I placed the lid back and left the bathroom angry. At least there's the half-bathroom, I hope.

I need to talk to my landlord tomorrow and tell him that none of this was mentioned in the lease or description. I figured the place wasn't brand new, but I didn't expect it to be some dump. I had made my way to the tiny kitchen and grabbed a water bottle I had sitting on the counter. I don't mind drinking water from the tap, but there is only a trickle of water coming from the faucet.

After standing in the kitchen to cool off, I reminded myself that this is what I deserved when I left Oregon and drove here. I could've stayed and finished college in Washington, but I took the risk to come here. It may seem bad now, but I won't let this become a regrettable decision. I really don't want to go back to Oregon anyway. As much as staying home was an option, it wasn't. My dads were constantly prying into my life and it was driving me insane- more than I already was.

I shook my head as if it would release me from my thoughts. I need to get out of here and grab a bite to eat for dinner. I'm pretty sure I can find something with a ten-dollar spending limit. I sat the bottle back down and picked up my keys and wallet from the counter. I don't care what I eat, I just need to drive or walk somewhere. After locking the door, I walked down the hall to the staircase. When I reached the stairs, I stopped because I heard a girl yelling.

"What the fuck is your problem?" There was a slight pause before she raged again.

"Get the hell away from me! I don't give a shit about what you think! It's a free country and I have the right to do whatever I please!"

"Will you stop yelling and just listen to me?" A man's voice asked tiredly.

"No, now leave me alone!" She yelled back. I didn't hear anything afterwards, but a couple of minutes later I saw the girl walking up the stairs. I instantly recognized her as Emily from the convenient store. Crap, she looks beyond pissed off, well more than she was at Dick.

"Why are you standing there watching me, again? Do you have some sort of problem?" She asked, stopping only 4 steps below me.

"I, ugh, no I don't. I wasn't watching you." I lied, though I don't know why I feel so timid by her.

"Bull shit, but I don't care. Move out of the way." She crossed her arms over her chest and impatiently waited for me to step aside.

I did as Emily said, and watched her storm up the next steps to my floor. I can already see my bright future dimming because of that, but I ignored it since I'll keep my distance from her. As I walked down the stairs, I was still in shock by the scene she caused and mostly by the fact that she lives here. When I made it down the stairs and by the desk that was empty the couple of times I've walked through, I saw a guy leaning against it with his face in his hands. I'm sure that's the guy Emily was yelling at. I didn't think he noticed me until I made it to the door.

"Hey, you're that kid from the morning. You just moved here from... somewhere up North."

"Yes, I'm from Oregon."

"Yeah, what's your name again?"

"It's Niall."

"How do you like your place?" My landlord asked.

"It's alright." I answered. This would've been the perfect time to tell him of everything that needs to be fixed and replaced, but I held my tongue for some reason.

"That's good. Hey, can I ask something of you?" He seemed hesistant or maybe it was because of that arguement he just got out of. Either way, I let my pity take control of the moment.


"Try and stay away from Emily Crane. It shouldn't be a problem. She is always alone and keeps to herself. It bothers me what she does in her apartment all day, but whatever. She's very disrespectful and profane. It's like she only cares about herself. If there is ever a problem, it's because of her. Once there is a spark, she likes to instigate it and watch a fire blaze." I nodded, not sure of what to say in response. I don't know who this girl is, but she's the drug no abuser would think of tasting.

"Will do, Jerry." With a simple goodbye, I left the apartment complex in search of some dinner.

I didn't find it necessary to drive my pick-up truck anywhere, so walking to my unknown destination was the next best thing. Even in the night, I was still able to get slight bearings on where I was and get a feel of my surroundings. I walked for a bit and finally decided on taking a chance on this appealing taco stand. I couldn't read the name to save my life, but I approached it with confidence.

"Hello, what would you like?" An older woman said with an evident Hispanic accent. I looked up at the menu feeling relief when I noticed that the descriptions of the food were in English.

"I'll have four tacos. Um, two with the, ugh, asada and two with, ugh, al pas-"

"Don't worry, mijo, I got it. Would you like something to drink?" She asked with a warm and relaxing smile. I chuckled at how understanding she was of my struggle.

"Yes, a soda, please." She smiled at me and it took a moment to realize she was waiting for the type of soda.

"I'll have Coke." She nodded, still smiling.

"That'll be three-eighty-six." I gave her four dollars and let her keep the change.

"All right, it'll be ready in a few minutes. Are you visiting here?" She asked.

"No, I just moved here."

"Ah, welcome then. Next time you come, I'll have tamales for you to try." I've never heard of those, but I smiled back at her sweetness and gave her a thank you. She disappeared for a couple of minutes to come back with my food and drink.

"Here you go. Where are you living?"

"The apartment complex that's on San Bernard." She nodded, knowing the place.

"You should be careful. There's a frightful girl there. Her name is Emily."

"Oh, I've seen her already. Jerry, the landlord, said the same thing. Actually all the people I've met today have said that. Is she really that bad?"

"Have a goodnight. I hope to see you soon, mijo." She smiled, completely ignoring my question. I let it slip my mind as I thought over what she said. Why does she call me that?

"What does that word mean?"

"Aye, it's like... it's like saying boy." I noticed her struggle with the translation and thanked her.

"What's your name?" She asked before I walked away.

"It's Niall."

"Call me Rosalina."

"Bye, Rosey." I waved and noticed her laugh before waving me off as she disappeared inside the little stand.

When I reached my apartment, I immediately dug into my tacos and let out satisfying moans. They were amazing and nothing in Oregon compared to these. I'll definitely pay a visit there again. The food is cheap, too, which is always a bonus. After finishing up my dinner and tossing the wrappers, I did another look-over of my apartment. The place sucks. I'll make the best of it, I told myself.

I couldn't help but wonder about Emily, though, as I reminisced about my day. Is she my neighbor? Why are people telling me to stay away like I'll become clingy with her? That infamous saying, "Curiosity killed the cat," came to mind and the way everyone portrayed Emily made me think how true those words sound in this situation. Obviously, I won't let my curiosity get in my way.




Oh my gosh, you can totally guess what is going to happen in this story because its so bad! Haha, yeah right! I have so many ideas and surprises that will blow you away if you choose to read this story. It may be slow in the beginning, but sit tight. (what a bunch of unoriginal words) Just keep reading! (:


The Solitary Girl- |Not| Coming Soon

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