The Solitary Girl

She once told me that you can never change anyone- people only evolve as time progresses and when society sets new standards. She won't admit she's reconsidering this theory of hers now. Trailer Credit: HSxox_ (with a check mark)


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"The world will still revolve around the sun, so why should I care about anyone or anything on it? I'm pretty sure there will always be people oppressed and starving."

"I've lived my entire life in the shadows. I'm not afraid of the dark. I actually like to think of myself as the 'dark side' of the moon."

"This is how I live my life to the fullest. I'm satisfied with my life; it's subliminal. I'm positive it's not idealistic or proper."


*This story contains my own ideas. This will be entirely (or almost) in the point of view of Niall Horan. Niall is not portrayed as the person who he really is; I've only used his name and looks. The girl in this story goes by the name of Emily Crane and is a fictional character as well as the others introduced who are the products of my imagination. I will be using names of places, but they may not be the exact representation of the place itself.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the story that's yet to come! [:

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