The four letter word

Love.......... A four letter word. A word that can change everything.


2. looks can crash

Julie's P.O.V.


I was walking home form school listening to Blazin by Nicki Minaj. Without paying attention I walked out into the street and I feel to the floor.

*a few hours latter*


I woke up and saw a figure standing next to me it looked like a boy.

I guess he noticed me looking at him with a confused face.

" sorry for the accident but I'm sorry if I'm the sexist thing alive" like what the fuck is he saying 'sexiest thing alive' so I spoke up

" yea hate to break it to ya but I've seen hotter" I said in confidence.

" just stop I like you."

" you just met me"

" well you risked your life to meet me"

" no my friend was standing next to you, and that's different"

" not really"

" oh ok"

The doctor walked in and said "your okay to go home"

The boy leaned down and whispered "you can stay at my place"

I tried to deny his request like four times but he just hot on my nerves so u gave in.

Then the boy lifts me up bridal style and caries me to the car.

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