It's the start of a long, dark winter, when Evangeline meets the bad boy Colin Timothy. A boy with a terrible long and dark past. At first she fears him, but eventually she falls hopelessly In love with him.
Every night it comes back. All the memories and all the pain that follows, but he never does. A part of me knew the second I saw him. It wasn’t anything he said or anything he did. It was the feeling that came along with it. I’m not sure if I’m ever going to feel that way again, but I’m not sure if I should. I knew he was dangerous, but I didn’t care, cause I loved him. How could the devil be pulling towards someone who looks so much like an angel when he smiles at you? I know he knew that when he looked into my eyes. The worst part of it all wasn’t losing myself, but losing him.


1. Pure

I should have been happy, I guess. But I was terrified. It was 1:19 and I couldn’t sleep. Someone was watching me. Someone, or rather, something I sensed. I felt another presence. I felt the one I constantly saw in my dreams when I closed my eyes. He was there in my room, but I couldn’t see him. The lights began to flicker. I felt him there. I laid in bed and felt claustrophobic in my open room. He wanted to be set free. His spirit lingered to be set free. 



I was awake that night. But it sure as hell didn’t feel like it ever  since the accident. I was lying in my bed, staring into the sealing, just thinking. You know about everything. Life, happiness and love. I often asked myself if I was happy and I didn’t really know the answer. I wasn’t depressed, but I wasn’t exactly happy either.  A loud knock on my door dragged me out of my own little world and soon I came to the realisation that I was supposed to get ready for school. “Evangeline,” My elderly grandmother’s voice called out as she touched my cheek. She had been living with me and my mom, ever since my dad died in a car accident. She predicted the car accident or so she says. “You have to wake up.” I groaned and turned on my stomach. “It’s time you wake up.” She said, realising her wrinkled hand from my cheek. “Fine.” I hissed and kicked the covers of me. I walked over to the mirror, that was hanging on the wall over my desk and took a quick glance at my tired morning face. I looked out the window. It was a normal, rainy Monday. The sky was covered with thick, grey clouds and the rain was pouring down, making the snow from last night slowly disappear.


I was interrupted with my daydreaming in class, when my teacher Mrs. Soriano asked me a question I couldn’t answer, because I wasn’t paying attention. “They didn’t have enough money, so they travelled to America, hoping they would become rich,” A tall, curly haired boy, answered my question. “Please, pay attention, Mrs. Crawford.” I nodded. “Thank you.” I whispered to the curly haired boy. He turned slightly on the chair so that I could see the half of his face. “Don’t think about it.” He spoke in a cold, raspy voice. Mrs. Soriano wanted us to read 15 pages about the American history, but luckily we were saved by the bell, so it became homework till next Monday.

I walked over to my locker, across the hallway and shoved all my history books in. My locker door was slammed hard and I could just manage to remove my hands. “Why didn’t you answer me last night, baby?” My ex boyfriend Anthony stood in front of me, with his stupid group of jock heads, wearing what they normally wear: The schools football team uniforms. “Leave me alone, Antony,” I hissed, about to leave, when Anthony got hold of my wrist. He tugged me into his body, his lips planting a hot kiss on my neck. I used everything I had in me to shove him back, but I couldn’t, because my wrist was pretty banged up after the car accident. “I think you better leave.” It was the guy from class who spoke. I could hear it on his raspy voice. Anthony smirked and stepped away from me, who was pretty chocked by the whole situation.  Anthony was pissed. I was glad we were in public place, that way Anthony was forced to be a little more constrained. “Just walk away.” The boy spoke directly to Anthony.  Anthony chuckled. “I’ll see you later, Evan.” Him and his friends disappeared in the hall. “Are you alright?” He held up my hand and looked at the bruises. “Yeah, thanks for doing that.” I smiled. He was really tall. Like a tall, dark shadow.  He wasn’t that much taller that Anthony, but Anthony’s straight, light brown hair was a clear contrast to the boys dark brown curls. He grinned down at me revealing his deep dimples. “I’m Evangeline Crawford,” I said. “I’m Colin.” He said in the dark raspy voice I knew and walked away. The muscles in his back became prominent when he pushed the heavy door open.




After the last class I walked through the Schoolyard. “What the hell?” I whispered to myself, when Anthony raised his head. Blood was smeared across his face and people had gathered around him. I ran over to the nosy crowd of people. “What the hell happened?” I gushed. “Colin Timothy happened.” A red haired girl said. “Did he do that?” I asked chocked. “Yes. He just came over and knocked the crap out of him, and then he just left on his motorcycle, leaving him like this.” I shook my head. “Oh my god.” I always had a problem with to much blood so I decided to walk home. Few streets away from my buss a black vehicle stopped beside me. My breath hitched in my throat, when I suddenly saw Colin’s tall frame stand in front of me. A shy smile gracing his beautiful face as he looked down at me. “Need a ride?” He enquired. "I think I pass." He ran his fingers through his curly hair. I saw some small, fresh cuts on his knuckles. "Why did you do that?" I asked. He looked at me with his brown sparkling eyes. "Why did you do that to Anthony?" I asked. "For you." He smirked. "What has he done to you?" I asked a bit pissed. I didn't even know why I was angry. Anthony was a jerk. He deserved it. "He pissed me off." he spoke with a low, cold voice. I sighed. "that's not an excuse!" He looked away. "He can't treat you like that, you know?" I rolled my eyes. "What ever." I turned around and was about to walk away, when his large hands grabbed around my waist and pulled me close into his strong torso. He started to laugh. His laugh gave me chills. It echoed inside my ear. My pulse could be heard in my ears, mouth becoming dry. I stood complete frozen to the spot as his intimidating tall height shadowed over me. My scared eyes travelled up the length of his body. His black, ripped jeans looked perfect on his lower half and the black leather jacket, over his white T-shirt sat perfect on his strong torso. "Don't walk away from me when I'm talking to you, beautiful."He scared the shit out of me. He actually scared me more that Anthony. "L-Let go of me." I stuttered. He smiled down at me. He was clearly enjoying the reaction he was drawing from me. "I scream if you don't let me go." He chuckled. "Now, now." He huskily spoke. 


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