It's Hard..

This is about a girl named Sky, who has to go thru problems and make big decisions in her life, at a young age. Some are good, Some are bad.
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7. Wooowwww.

Sky's POV-
It's been a few years now, I am alittle older and have more sense. Everything is good in our home. Except for one that would, once again, change everything. I was sleeping, my mom was sleeping on the other couch, and my godfather was sleeping in my moms bedroom.. My mom has asthma. She woke up, unable to breath, everyone woke me and I was not very alert at the moment, I realized, our house had caught on fire, electrical fire. My mom was rushed to the hospital for smoke inhalation. I was scared, my dog was outside on a leash and barking at firemen. I had to go to the hospital in the car with my godfather. I was scared and crying, what was really sad and scary, was what happened to our home, it was half burnt, a lot of furniture smoke burnt. The fire happened right next to my bedroom, because when you walk out my bedroom door, the kitchen is there. I could have died. I was lucky that I slept on the couch that night... Anything could have happened. So we lived there for another year, our landlord said he would fix it... Lies everywhere...I just had no one to talk to, except Sonya.

Authors Note:
Sorry, short chapter, I hope you liked it. Keep it in mind, this is a true story.

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