It's Hard..

This is about a girl named Sky, who has to go thru problems and make big decisions in her life, at a young age. Some are good, Some are bad.
not saying who about


5. What?!

Sky's POV-
So we've been living in this house for awhile now, I am still waiting for the puppy.. But I have to go to school now so I don't miss my bus. My school was just down the road, but the street was so busy I wasn't allowed to walk by myself because I was younger. So I had a good day at school, hanging out with a girl named Sonya. She was really nice and always so pretty and we told eachother everything. So my godfather Chris picked me up from school. It was winter time, very cold. I hopped out of his truck and seen paw prints all over the snow. I asked Chris why they were there but he said he didn't know. So when I walked in, I seen a fully grown, german shepherd. I was angry. Why was there a giant dog in my house? My mom told me we were gonna get this dog instead. I was furious. I wanted my PUPPY. I seen my brother so I ran over and hugged him and he wanted me to play with the dog with her. So I did. My mom said we were gonna try to get the puppy too, it lived far away so the lady was on her way..So I was excited to get both dogs.. I could get use to this furry fluff ball I guess... She was okay.


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