It's Hard..

This is about a girl named Sky, who has to go thru problems and make big decisions in her life, at a young age. Some are good, Some are bad.
not saying who about


4. Moving??!

Sky's POV-
About a month later, my mother announced we were moving. MOVING?! Why would I wanna move!? I had memories there, playing with my brother, with my rabbit, and my husky. They were gone. We were moving somewhere with a bigger yard, a bigger house.. better neighborhood. I didn't wanna leave. My rabbit was buried in the front yard. I wanted to stay there forever. Unfortunately, I had no say in the move. So we packed our things and moved somewhere with a busier street, neighbors, nice place...I thought I could try to make new memories, but that was impossible without my brother, who I was now starting to forget about. I just held in tears everyday. I was happy with my mother. By this time, my mom and Eddie broke up because he hit her.. Another untrusted guy. Except my mother told me we were getting a new dog while in our new house. That cheered me up. She showed me pictures of a fat, fluffy puppy we were gonna get. He was just like the puppy I always dreamed of. I was so excited.... New house, new dog, new school, starting to a new life!

Incase anyone is wondering, the reason my dad was in and out of my life, he always travelled around the world in his 18 wheeler for work, but he never TRIED to get in contact with us, so I wasn't allowed to talk to him anymore.


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