It's Hard..

This is about a girl named Sky, who has to go thru problems and make big decisions in her life, at a young age. Some are good, Some are bad.
not saying who about


8. I cant handle anymore of this..

Sky's POV-
We were living off of a deep fryer and some other thing to cook with.. My mom trained my dog to go outside without a leash.. Unless you see another dog out there, she will chase after it ! So I woke up the next day and I let her out, I was half asleep... I seen another dog ACROSS the street. Across the busiest street. I let out a scream of udder terror.. When she got hit by a speeding car. My dog , the one I loved, just thrown onto the side walk, more like, slammed, just blood, all over her... Another sad story. I just sat there and bawled my eyes out.. I screamed and just watched her die in my arms, by the time the people got there it was too late, my strong bonded dog, dead. Died . Just, another cold body in my moms arms. Except, this time, I bawled my eyes out for weeks upon weeks. I couldn't help it. All the fur inside the house, all the smells of her fur, the dog shampoo, her collar... I couldn't bare it anymore. I died on the inside, unable to function. I wanted my life to end at that very moment. My bestfriend was gone.. gone forever until I could meet her in heaven , I believed in all sorts of things when I was younger. That was one of them..


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