It's Hard..

This is about a girl named Sky, who has to go thru problems and make big decisions in her life, at a young age. Some are good, Some are bad.
not saying who about


3. A sad time..

Sky's POV-
So at this time I was living on Franklin st. My mom was dating some Eddie guy, about 6ft. Bald.. He took us out to do stuff, he was a great guy. My mom was with him for about a year now. I felt safe around him because, well he protected us and assured us everything would always be okay. So I was still young, I believed him. He always took us places, and he worked at Swiss Chalet. I didn't like him THAT much because it seemed like my mom loved him more than me. I just had an active imagination. So, one night we decided to go swimming. Nothing was the same without my brother. I could only see him twice a week. We went to the Days Inn, a nice place to swim. At home I had a rabbit I had for about, 4 years and a husky I had for a few months, but they couldn't come even though I wanted them too. I was young so I thought they would be allowed. So we went swimming, I had to stay in the shallow end, they played catch WITH me in the water. I was super tiny for my age so they could just throw me around like a little ragdoll, and I loved every minute of it. So, when we went home...Blood everywhere. I didn't know what happened. My mom walked in, looked around, and dropped to her knees crying her eyes out. I was so confused, I didn't know what was so wrong... I grabbed her purse and put it on the counter, I turned around and seen what happened. My dead rabbit, laying there on the carpet, so lifeless... My mother ran over and cradled him in her arms.. but we were too late, his nose, his body, cold and full of blood. I didn't cry, I think I was in shock .. But my mom called my brother and his Social Worker brought him over... they all stood there crying. My mom got rid of my only bestfriend, My husky.. Gone. My animal family was gone.


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