You and I

Bella Doyle is 16 and she remembers her parents she just doesn't remember what happened to them. So when Bella and her foster mom to England for two weeks bell finds some serious family secrets


2. part two

Six hours later we landed in London. Excitement took over me, two weeks in this beautiful city with Sherl was the best. I loved spending time, I may not have showed it all but I loved spending time with her. She had Benny mother from the time I was five. I really couldn't wait.

"Sherl! Wake up!" I softly shook her.

"W-what's going on?" she looked confused like she was still lost in a dream

"We just landed. Let's go!" I said trying not to be mean but I was so anxious. I could not cshed ontaI ruin myself, once Sherl moved I rushed by everyone to baggage claim. I waited paciently for Sherl who was slowly coming into veiw. I already had out bags and we just had to go the renal car. I practically pulled Sherl out to the car because she was still waking slowly with slumber.

"Sherl I love you but if you don't hurry up I will push you the entire way." I said back to her and I heard her laugh a little. I smiled, "I'm now kidding!" I said through a slight laugh trying to be serious. She could tell I was failing because she just laughed more. I sighed. "There is no winning with you is there?" I asked

"Nope!" she exclaimed when we got into the car. I smiled as we started to drive off. The next to weeks are going to the best.

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