You and I

Bella Doyle is 16 and she remembers her parents she just doesn't remember what happened to them. So when Bella and her foster mom to England for two weeks bell finds some serious family secrets


1. part one

This was the weekend I had been waiting for. Sherl and I where going to England for two weeks, Sherl was my foster mother, her husband had dies two years ago so she adopted me, kind of like filling a void. I woke up extra early and was wondering around the house. It was about five thirty when I gave up and went upstairs to find a sleeping Sherl. I tiptoed into her room and jumped on her waking her from her deep sleep. "BELLA!!" She yelled looking started. I laughed, she smiled at me and gave me a death glare.

"What was I supposed to wonder around the house all morning waiting until six to wake you up. I think not, you should know better by now Sherl." I laughed a little harder. She really should know that a sixteen can only wait so long for her parents to wake up. "Oh and Sherl you have fifteen minutes to get ready and catch the plane. I would get up now." Her eyes went wide and I smiled. Is it bad to say that I love stressing Sherl out. Shes funny when shes stressed. I know that is horrible to say but its true. She rushed out of bed grabbing some cloths and rushing to the shower. A few minutes later she and her hair was pulled back into a ponytail it looked good we rushed downstairs and grabbed our bags and left. We sped to the airport. We got there in a minute flat which was pretty good timing. We rushed in and just barely made our flight and it was about a six hour flight from there. I watched out the window for a few minutes before I drifted into sleep. When I wake up Im going to be in England

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