You and I

Bella Doyle is 16 and she remembers her parents she just doesn't remember what happened to them. So when Bella and her foster mom to England for two weeks bell finds some serious family secrets


5. part five

We finished eating at Nando's and we laughed the entire time. Liam was telling me about his ex girlfriend Sophia. She sounded nice, but when he talked about her he didn't seem happy. Then he told me about Danielle his girlfriend before Sophia. I could even tell without meeting her that she made him happy. I wish I could make him happy. Wait why am I even think that. Do I really like Liam. He was so sweet and funny. He made me happy, do I make him happy? We walked to Liam's hotel room with the boys waiting there. Niall got up and ran to Liam. I had the Nando's in my hand. "LILI!!" Niall yelled, "Did you bring me food?" He asked. Liam nodded. "Then where is it?" He asked again looking behind Liam's back.

"Niall." I aid holding he bag of food in my hand moving it back and forth. He rushed over to me.

"Who is she and why didn't you bring her into my life sooner?" Niall asked Liam. Niall hugged me. " I don't know who you are or where you are from but I still love you." He said kissing my check. I laughed I looked at Liam and I swear I see a pang of jealousy in his eyes. That couldn't be true, he wasn't in love with me. He barely even knew me.

Liam sat down and introduced me to everyone. Harry and Louis liked me I think because they were both sitting on my lap. "One at a time boys you are killing my legs. They are the only two I got." I laughed they stood up and just as they did, Liam jumped into my lap. "Liaaammmm." I said. he laughed.

"Bellllllaaaaaa." He mimicked me, making me laugh. "Its almost five do you want to go get stuff for tonight?" he asked and I nodded. We both got up.

"I will see you guys in like five minutes." I said to everyone. Harry and Louis looked hurt. "I wont forget you guys." I said and they instantly looked better. I mean how could I forget my new best friends. We walked across hall. I knocked on the door because Sherl had locked it. She came to the door and her face lit up. "Bell I was so worried about you. I'm sorry about what happened earlier. Are you still going out?" She asked and I nodded. Liam and I walked inside and I went to my portion of the room. I grabbed my phone and my wallet. I noticed I had three text. They were all from Dylan, my ex boyfriend. I sighed deleting the messages without even reading them. He wasn't worth my time anymore. I walked back to Liam and Sherl. "Ready?" I asked Liam. He nodded. I hugged Sherl. " I'll see you later. " I said leaving. We walked back to the boys door but stop short from opening it.

" Bell I don't care of you say no or not but I was just wondering if you would go out with me." I stood there in disbelief. There is no way I heard that right.

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