3. Chapter 2

I'm not sure why, but I was expected to go to school here and act like I was the happiest kid in the universe. Of course I wasn't. I knew I wasn't like other kids. Other kids weren't adopted; other kids didn't have a family that hated them; other kids didn't have the ability to lift things just by thinking about them and controlling animals with their minds; in other words, other kids weren't demons who were adopted by a stupid family like mine. 

Being a demon is my secret. Nobody knows about it. I remember the day I found out I was a demon like it was yesterday. 



"Zack! You're pathetic. You have no family! EVERYONE HATES YOU" yelled Cory. 
Cory has been bullying me since the beginning of this year, my fifth grade year. I couldn't take it anymore. I was blinded by rage. I stared at him with so many thoughts rushing through my head. Suddenly, I looked around and spotted a brick. The next thing I remember, I'm still standing in my place, Cory is on the floor with his bleeding nose, and the brick lay beside him with a lot of blood on it. He never came near me again.

~End of flashback~


I sometimes train my powers in my room by moving stuff around with my mind or controlling a fly that is annoying me. I once tried controlling Martha by getting into her brain like I do with animals, but I just got yelled at for staring at her. 

As I continued to pack my stuff for the first day of school, I decided not to stand out and just blend in with the crowd. Of course going to the same school as Alex will make things pretty hard. 

I hopped on my skateboard and went to school. Of course Alex got to drive his very own car that he's not even licensed to drive. I continue to skate as I observe my surroundings. When I arrived at the school,it was buzzing with activity, and there was drama happening all around me. Just like all high schools. I looked for my locker that was assigned to me when I entered the building. When I finally found it, there was a person already there, opening their locker. It was a guy. I nodded at him as I opened my locker and put my stuff inside. I looked over at him and saw that he had green eyes and jet black hair. His hair was in a quiff, just like I did.

"Hi, I'm Dan. You're new around here aren't you?" he said. 
"I'm Zack." 
"Well do you want me to show you around?"

I nodded reluctantly. Might as well not make enemies on my first day.

"Hey DANNY!" A girl said as she grabbed my arm.  I looked at her with confusion. Then she looked back at me then looked at Dan and blushed and said, "oh my god you guys look so alike from the back... and you have the same emerald green eyes too." 
I'm not sure if that was supposed to be a compliment, but I just smiled and continued walking. 
"I'm Bri. I'm Danny's girlfriend. RIGHT DANNY?" she said with so much energy.
I could already tell a few things: Dan is the popular jock, and Bri was the bubbly cheerleader. 
"Hi, I'm Zack."

Dan showed me around the school, and introduced me to his friends. Everyone kept saying how much we looked alike, and some even joked that we were twins or something. I was very uncomfortable and I didn't like all the attention I was getting. 

"So tell us about yourself Zack." said Bri.
"Well I'm from Ohio...I'm also adopted. Nobody knows where I came from."
Everyone looked around uncomfortably. Some giggled nervously. I knew it was a bad idea to tell them I was adopted. 
"What?" I asked. 
One of the guys replied with, "Well it's just that Dan recently found out he was adopted...and that he was seperated from his twin at birth. He was found on his adoptive family's doorsteps when he was a baby, sixteen years ago."

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