Super man *marcel fan fic*

When Harry was a little kid he was suppose to have a little brother. Something happened and Harry lost his brother. Marcel is what they were going to call the boy. What happens when Harry falls in love with Louis but forgets who he is? What happens when Harry becomes Marcel? Will Louis find out and save Harry? Or will Louis ditch Harry and fall in love with the nerd instead?


11. Panic

Harry's pov:

*3 months later*

I can't believe this I'm fighting with my self right now! Marcel was trying to take control again but it was Friday so I didn't have to leave yet. I was banged against the wall bye hi causing our mom's vase to brake. All of a sudden during this fight their was a knock at the door. I managed to get to the door and I swear my heart dropped to my stomach when saw Louis waiting outside for me. What am I going to do now.....!

Louis's pov:

I was out side of Harry's house waiting for him to let me in for movie night. Niall had just texted me saying that him and the lads where on their way over right now. I looked up when I heard what sound like something brake. "Harry are you okay in their?!" I asked him sounding worried about him. "Um yea just give me a second Louis!" I took a deep breath of relief and then to my surprise I thought I heard Marcel's voice. "Hi Louis!" I called back In surprise that he was home. "Hi Marcel!"

*1 hour later*

It's been 1 hour now and Im still waiting out side here! I was just about to call the Niall and tell him not to come because I guess Harry wasn't doing it when Marcel opened the door up. "O hi Marcel is Harry home? Where supposed to be having a movie night with him." I smiled at him. Marcel smiled back and said, "Um yea he's just up stairs getting changed into something els."

It was at this moment that I noticed Marcel was wearing the same cloths that Harry had worn today in school. Weird...I deiced not to ask thew and brushed it off.

I let Marcel lead me to the couch wear I sat down and started to sort threw the movies on the table. "I'm going to go and check on Harry." I heard Marcel say as he was walking up the stairs to their bed rooms. "I smiled and waved saying Okay with my eyes and then went back to the movies.

Niall's pov:

I was in my car with Liam. We were heading over to Harry's house for a fun movie night. I got a text from Zayn as I was driving so I handed my phone to Liam and said, "Hey Liam can you tell me what that text says?" Liam took my phone and read the text out loud to me. "Hey Niall it's Zayn can you tell Louis, Liam, and Harry that I can't come to movie night. I need to stay home today with Perry she's not feeling well and I'm taking care of her." I took a quick glance at Liam and saw that he was texting Zayn back now.

I looked backed at the rode and saw that we wear a block away from Harry's house. When we arrived I got out and wen around the car to get Liam his crunches and help him out of the car. Liam and I played football in the house and he broke his foot. Ounce Liam was on his crunches we started to walk to the door.

Harry's pov:

Okay now that I got Marcel to go away and I'm all comfterbal I can go down stairs to chill with the lads. I went down to stairs and heard a knock at the door. I also Louis siting down on the couch picking a movie out. I walked over to Louis gave him a light kiss on the head and then walked to the door and opened the door to see Liam on crunches on Niall standing beside him. The first thing I did was look  from Niall to Liam and then back to Niall again. "It's along story. For now thew can we come in?" I moved out oft he way and then watched as Niall helped Liam get the couch. I handed Niall a pillow and then watched as he pulled the table closer to Liam and propped his foot up.

The only thing that was going threw my head the hall time was that Niall is going to be a great care taker one day. "O bye the way guys Zayn can't come tonight he has to take care of Perry kind of like Niall is taking care of me." Liam laughed and so did Niall. Then we all sat down to watch a night of movie marathon. About half way threw the movies Marcel started to try and fight his way back.  O no this isn't going to end well. The only thing going threw my head now was pure panic and fear. What if the lads find out?!

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