Super man *marcel fan fic*

When Harry was a little kid he was suppose to have a little brother. Something happened and Harry lost his brother. Marcel is what they were going to call the boy. What happens when Harry falls in love with Louis but forgets who he is? What happens when Harry becomes Marcel? Will Louis find out and save Harry? Or will Louis ditch Harry and fall in love with the nerd instead?


1. No more Harry styles

Harry's pov:

I was on my way to go see Louis. I was really nerves because I was going to tell Louis that I liked liked him. More than a friend type of like, I was taking a deep breath as I walked up to his door. When I went to go and knock on his door it went flying open. It waked me so hard in the face that went flying backwards off the steps.

Just then Louis came running out yelling about something. He stopped yelling when he saw me siting on his front lawn and started to make his way towards me. I started to breath really hard my heart was beating a 100 miles per hour and my legs felt jell-o. Not to mention I had butter flies in my stomach to. Louis bent down and with out me or him saying a word he dragged me all the way to Nados.

Their we meat up with Niall. He saw us and waved us over. When we both sat down Niall said, "Hey guys what brings you to Nados?" He smiled at us with a mouth full of chicken. I couldn't help but laugh at him. I looked over at Louis who didn't find it funny at all. Niall saw my eyes and followed them to Louis. When he saw how mad Louis looked he swallowed his chicken and then said, "Hey Lou whats wrong your always so happy."

Louis looked so cute when he was mad. I thought to my self as Louis told us what was on his mind. "Do you really want to know what's wrong Niall?" Niall and I both shook our heads yes. Louis growled under his breath and then continued on."My mom is being annoying again. She wont let me do anything that makes me happy." We both looked at him confused. Then Niall spoke up. "What do you mean Lou?" He took a deep breath than said, "She wants me to quite One Direction." That was all me and Niall needed to hear. Before we knew it we were both standing up out of our chairs. I want to scream at Louis but I let Niall do all the talking instead. Just like I did with the other lads.

"What do you mean Louis? She cant make you leave the band! We need you! Scratch that theis is no us with out you!!" I shook my head in agreement and then looked at Louis only to see he was smiling and laughing. I don't get it whats so funny? "Guys I'm not leaving the band. I could never do that. You guys are the best and I wouldn't want my life to be any other way." Me and Niall smiled at Louis and gave him a big hug.

I turned to Niall and told him with my hands that I was tired and my head hurt so I was going to head home to get some rest. Niall shook his head and helped me get my stuff together. Louis walked over and helped me out to when our hands touch I swear I heard fire works going off. When I had all my stuff and I was ready to go Louis looked at me and said, "Bye Harry I hope your head feels better." Then he came up to me and gave me a kiss on the forehead. I turned and left Nados but as I left I felt my face to turn a bright red I cant believe that Louis just kissed me!!!!

Niall's pov:

I turned to Louis after Harry left to tell him why Harry left. Louis looked at me and said, "Why did Harry leave like that?" I smiled and said, "Um he told me that he was tired and that his head was hurting. Judging bye the bump on his head im sure that it did. Hey Lou how do you think he got that bump on his head?" "O okay." I sat their waiting for Louis to answer me when he looked down at the ground. The look on his face showed that he was trying to remember something. When it hit him he grabbed his stuff and headed for the door. I sat their unsure of what to do.

So I said, "Louis where are you going?" Louis didn't look at me he just kept walking to the door as he said, "I have to make sure that Harry is okay. I hit him with my door today on accident." I sat their thinking that makes so little sense to me. When Louis came back into Nados and sat back down at my table. "Um Louis what are you doing here? I thought that you were going to cheek on Harry?" "I was but I remembered that I had to ask you something." I looked at him a little unsure. "Um okay ask away Louis." "Okay my question is......"

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