Super man *marcel fan fic*

When Harry was a little kid he was suppose to have a little brother. Something happened and Harry lost his brother. Marcel is what they were going to call the boy. What happens when Harry falls in love with Louis but forgets who he is? What happens when Harry becomes Marcel? Will Louis find out and save Harry? Or will Louis ditch Harry and fall in love with the nerd instead?


13. Moving on

Marcel`s pov:

I can't believe this but I was letting go of my brother so he can move on no matter how hard it was. I was looking at Harry now only I wasn't looking in a mirror any more I was a ghost and he was alive. Just like he always was alive. "Good bye Harry!" Was the last thing that I said to him before going to the light. I took one last look behind me as I crossed over. I can't believe it Harry is crying for me even after I tried to steal Louis and his life from him.

Harry`s pov:

I couldn't believe that ounce again I was an only child. I whispered good bye back to my little brother. Then before going back to the movie I went to the room that me and Marcel ounce shared and I started to cry on the bed we both slept in. "Marcel I want you to know that even thew you are dead. You are and always will be my little brother." After that i went back down stairs to watch the movie with the lads. I sat next to Louis letting him wraps me in a hug. As soon as the third movie ended Niall turned to me. "Hey Harry Ian`t Marcel watching the movie with us?" I didn't get and at him or start to cry. I know I have to move on and he didn't know. "Marcel had to step out for a while........."

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