Super man *marcel fan fic*

When Harry was a little kid he was suppose to have a little brother. Something happened and Harry lost his brother. Marcel is what they were going to call the boy. What happens when Harry falls in love with Louis but forgets who he is? What happens when Harry becomes Marcel? Will Louis find out and save Harry? Or will Louis ditch Harry and fall in love with the nerd instead?


9. Harry your back!!!

Marcel's pov: I felt bad about keeping Harry away from Louis and all but I didn't want to give up living again. So made a deal with harry that week days he would get the body and weekends I got the body. Sadly to day was Monday so I had to let Harry have the body to day. Harry's pov: I was so happy for the first time in the history of the world that it was Monday! Finally it was my turn to go and see Louis the love of my life. I woke up this morning took my (Marcel's) glasses off and changed into my cloths. Then I fluffed my hair so that you could see my curls and headed off to school. The minute that I walked threw the doors I saw every one looking at me and whispering stuff like omg its harry he's back. I wen to my locked and right before I could get it opened Louis came running at me screaming, "HARRY YOUR BACK!!!!" Then he jumped into the air and landed on me. Louis laughed as I said, "See Louis I told you that you can knock me off my feet." He smiled at me then planted a kiss on me. I smiled at him and thought to my self man is it good to be back here!
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