Super man *marcel fan fic*

When Harry was a little kid he was suppose to have a little brother. Something happened and Harry lost his brother. Marcel is what they were going to call the boy. What happens when Harry falls in love with Louis but forgets who he is? What happens when Harry becomes Marcel? Will Louis find out and save Harry? Or will Louis ditch Harry and fall in love with the nerd instead?


7. Going to Louis's house?

Marcel's pov:

Omg I can't believe that I'm going to Louis's house to talk to him! I was running around screaming my head off with joy. OMG!!! I was so excited. I ran up stairs and put on my best sweater vest.

This was what I was going to wear to Louis's house. I went to the mirror and fixed my hair then I pushed my glasses up and went down stairs to wait for Louis. '

Louis's pov:

I was in my car driving over to Harry's house to pick up Marcel. I couldn't wait to see Marcel it seemed like he was the only real person that I could count on to be their. I smiled when I reached Marcel's house and saw him peeking threw the window. I don't know why but I saw a lot of Hazza in Marcel.

I smiled at the thought of Harry my boy friend. I slapped my self across the face because I had to remind my self that I was mad at Harry right now. I looked up clutching my cheek in pain to see Marcel siting in the car staring at me. He looked concerned and scared at the same time. "Um are you okay Louis?" I just smiled at him and said, "Um what yea never been better why do you ask?" He laughed and fixed his glasses. "Okay it's just that you slapped your self in the face."

I looked down embarrassed and said, "O you saw that?" He shook his head yes and I laughed. It's a long story. Why don't we head over to my house now?" I said to Marcel and he just nodded his head. "That sounds like fun." I watched as he blushed so cutely.

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