The Mystery Of Lira Jewle

Just after 11:00pm on a Friday night a girl lay lifeless. Her legs are sprawled out in an un-natural position and a pool of blood underneath her grows ever so slowly as it stains her white floral dress.

This girl's name is Lira Jewle, a straight A student with loving friends as well as family, and she committed suicide... Well, that's what everyone thinks anyway.


2. Chapter 2

Georgia Haynes rushed through the corridors of the police station, files piled high in her arms. Zig zagging around other officers she made her way through the tiny, small town station.

She was new. She had been travelling from one police station to another, always being offered new roles and promotions. She was one of the best. When she got offered the job of detective at her old home however, she just couldn't refuse... Growing up in the town was an advantage in her eyes and besides, she wanted to come home anyway.

She had made it to her bosses office. She knocked on the door quietly then when his deep voice responded with "Come in." She entered.

"These are the files for the Lira Jewle case, Sir." She said as she placed the stack of files-that were beginning to weigh on her arms- on his desk.

"Thank you Miss Haynes." He replied, his face buried in files from recent cases.

Georgia walked over to the door, expecting to just simply walk out of the door and go back to work but, her own conscious was nagging at her to stay and talk...

"Uh, sir?" Georgia said cautiously, not wanting to annoy the man who was digging through the new files he had just been given.

"Yes Miss Haynes?" He replied, putting down the files and facing her.

"I was wondering if... well, if I could go down to the Jewle house. To look into things more." Georgia said, her tone quite pleading.

"And why would you want to do that Miss Haynes?"

"It's just, none of it makes sense, Sir. I looked through the files and nothing seemed wrong in this girls life. I can't help but feel like there's something missing... I just wish to go down, to talk to the parents, find out all I can. I want to find out exactly what happened to this girl."

Mr Ross, Georgia's boss, rose from the chair. Walking over to Georgia he sighed and began talking to the new detective "Georgia, please do not get to caught up in all this... You need to understand that sometimes there is just nothing to be found-"

"But Sir-" Georgia interrupted.

Mr Ross continued ignoring Georgia's interjection "but, none the less, I will allow you to go down."

"Really? Oh, thank you Sir. I really do appreciate it." Georgia replied excitedly running to the door so she could go prepare her things.

"Georgia, wait!" Her boss said. Georgia skidded to a halt and turned around. "Just remember what I said."

"Yes, of course" Georgia said as she turned and half jogged out of the office.


A large crowd was gathered outside the front of the second story house. Their curious eyes looking past the yellow police tape at the white chalk outlining of what was once Lira Jewle's body. Through the window of the house Mr and Mrs Jewle stood, comforting each other in their arms.

Georgia met their eyes as she stepped out of the taxi, feeling her stomach knot as she pushed through the crowd of concerned and curious on-lookers, she made her way to the yellow tape and ducked under it, walking towards the group awaiting her arrival.

"Georgia, hey!" A man said as he waved at Georgia, stepping away from the group. Cole, a dear friend of Georgia's that she had met when studying for her current job.

Giving a short but polite wave back, Georgia approached the women in charge of the scene. Before Georgia could say anything the women handed her a clipboard.

"Everything you need to know's in there. I don't think you'll find anything though." She said sternly as she walked away.

Georgia looked at the files, debating whether or not she should open it. A weary expression on her face she didn't know what to do. Not wanting to see the gruesome pictures that remained inside, but wanting to look into the investigation more then anything.

With hesitant fingers, she opened the clipboard revealing the gory pictures waiting to be revealed. Shock hit her as fast as she opened the clipboard and she felt an odd sense of nausea as she flipped through the images.

She finished as quickly as she could and closed the clipboard again.

"See anything?" Cole asked from next to her, frowning at the folder in her hand.

"No, there's nothing." Georgia replied, "All the file says is that it was a suicide."

"Well, it was... Wasn't it?" Cole said raising his eyebrows at his best friend.

"I don't know, none of it fits..." Georgia replied.

"Okay" Cole said, dragging it out "well, what are you going to do now?"

"I think I will talk to the parents..." Georgia trailed off looking once again through the window at the parents who were still looking out into the street from within each others arms.

This was one conversation she, in no way could look forward to...

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