The Mystery Of Lira Jewle

Just after 11:00pm on a Friday night a girl lay lifeless. Her legs are sprawled out in an un-natural position and a pool of blood underneath her grows ever so slowly as it stains her white floral dress.

This girl's name is Lira Jewle, a straight A student with loving friends as well as family, and she committed suicide... Well, that's what everyone thinks anyway.


1. Chapter 1

The sirens wailed powerfully in the silent night as ambulances and police cars rushed down the street in which the 'Jewle' family lived.

It was half-past eleven. An ambulance pulled out the front of the Jewle's massive three story house and as the paramedics came piling out it was clear that the distressed call they had gotten from Mr Jewle fifteen minutes earlier, had been confirmed...

His daughter had been injured.

This was no injury to joke about either, it was no simple fractured arm or dislocated shoulder. The daughter lay flat on her back, a large decorated balcony above where she lay. Both legs broken, arms swollen, a popped out knee cap and blood running from her head. Her beautiful green eyes remain wide open, staring forever at the night sky. Lying in a pool of her own blood, her flowing white floral dress was now stained red. Bleeding from many places over her body the pool of blood around her grew ever so slowly soaking her back and neck in the sticky red liquid. By the time the paramedics had got there it was too late. She was already dead.

A sixteen year old girl by the name of Lira Jewle had died that night. She was a straight A student, never once did she fail a test or disobey in anyway. She had loving friends and family as well as a loving boyfriend who adored her. She was a young and happy girl. So when the police confirmed that she had commuted suicide by jumping off the balcony, everyone was taken aback. Why? Why would a completely happy person take their own life?

These questions are usually answered with things like "Maybe she was hiding." Or "Maybe she had put on an act to make us believe she was happy."

But there is one question that no one seems to think about. What if Lira Jewle did not take her own life? What if she was truly happy in life? What if the police were wrong?

A sixteen year old girl by the name of Lira Jewle committed suicide.

What if this statement isn't necessarily true?

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