Which Direction

Vanessa is a 19 year old girl who lives next to Justin Bieber. Her family is so rich, But what happens when she meets the biggest boy band of her generation.


6. Tour time

It's been2 weeks since 1d has been at my house. Me and Harry are just friends and that is all.

Nessa: ( phone rings )

S: hello

V: hiiiii Simon

S: hi Vanessa Fab Four will be going on tour with one direction

V: really that's sooo awesome

Niall: ( comes up behind nessa and wraps his arms around her ) who you talking to babe

S: Vanessa are you dating Niall

V:yes why

S: we need to have a talk go away from everyone

V: okay now I am

S: Vanessa you should be going out with Harry because you can do better than Niall, you are way too good for him. I don't want you with Niall at all if you are we will have no choice but to kick you out of the Fab Four.

V: you can't do that I love him

S: you don't live him you feel bad for him

V: well then I guess I will disappear

S: well good bye Vanessa nice knowing you

End if convo

Nessa; Diane get in here

Diane: what us it

Nessa: ( tells her everything )I have to change I have to become a new person but what should I do

Diane: we will just tell them you got kicked out and left to somewhere but you wouldn't tell anyone

Nessa : great can you come with me to change my self completely like everything

Diane: yeah hold on, hey everyone I have to go pick up my old friend Emily

All: ok bye

Diane: ok let's go

Nessa: let's start out bye dying my hair blonde

So nessa died her hair blonde, got a boob job, changes eye color( idk how but she does ), she also uses an Irish accent

Diane : ( arrives at home) you ready

Nessa: yeah I think so

Both walk in to the house

Niall: Dina heave you seen Vanessa and oh hi you must be Emily

I am going to be saying Emily instead if nessa but they are both the Same person

Emily: yeah hi nice to meet you and you are Niall Horan from one direction

Niall: yes I am Diane where is nessa

Diane: Simon kicked her out of the dab four and then she disappeared

Niall: she what ( crying so so much and sitting on the couch)

Diane: before she left she gave her house to Emily

Emily: ; sits next to Niall rubbing his back) on it's ok maybe she will come back unexpected but I know her very well I am her cousin that's why she gave me all of her things

Niall: do you know where nessa is

Emily: I wish I did trust me ( tears shed )

Niall: no I made you cry ( pulls he into his lap) it's ok it's ok don't cry please don't I don't like to see a beautiful girl cry

Emily : thank you, do you know what's weird we have a lot in common

Niall : where are you from?

Emily: I am from mullingar Ireland

Niall: me too

Diane: we should hear her sing hey envying come here

All : where is Vanessa

Diane : she got kicked out of the group and disappeared but here is her cousin that know owns all if her things and the girls come her

Gwen : okay what really happens to nessa

Diane: tells then everything

Emily: I will Sing little things

Everyone: ok

Emily starts singing and had now finished

Niall: you have such a beautiful voice

Zayn: you are like a girl version of Niall

Louis: ( crying) oh Vanessa

Emily: Louis it's in don't cry she could come soon just please don't cry don't cry

Louis: she was like a sister to me

Emily: I know she was she always talked about you guys over the phone

Liam: I miss her too

Emily: I will make a deal with you guys I will join Fab Four if you guys try to get over her

Boys: okay

Girls: Emily can we talk to you for a sec

Emily: yeah

Gwen: we know it's you nessa

Emily: who told you

Calista: Diane

Emily : don't tell anyone

Calista: Oookay

Liam: Emily I sent Simon a vid of you singing and he said that you should be in the group, but you have to sign some papers

Zayn: twinsies ( pushes Emily in to Niall )

End up in a kiss

Niall: woah umm

Emily: Zayn ya know pushed me into you

Niall:that kiss

Harry pov

I miss nessa, this girl Emily is sorta pretty bit she is a Niall's girl. I think I will let him have this one

Emily pov

I just wanna kiss him forever

Liam: the buses are here everyone in

Emily: I don't have clothes

Niall: we will stop and buy you something

Emily: okay let's go

Paul: hello everyone and hello Emily I am Paul the bodyguard

Emily: hi

Paul: Niall is she your girlfriend

Niall: ummmmm uhhhhhh no?

Emily: we are just .......... Friends

Niall: I am tired

Emily: meeeeee to night

My bunk is right on top of Niall's

It is like midnight and everyone went to eat but me and Niall

Emily: ( crying )

Niall: (crawls in bunk with her) what's wrong

Emily: (tells him everything )

Niall: so your

Emily: yes but you can't tell anyone in th either girls know

Niall: okay I won't

Niall wraps his arm around me and I look up at him

Niall: I love you

Emily: I love you too

Niall leans in toward me and kisses me. We end up kissing for a very long Time

Emily: I have been waiting all day for this kiss

Niall: I missed you a lot

Diane: we are back.., with our BOYFRIENDS

Emily: I don't want to stop kissing you kr cuddling with you

Niall: we will pretend to sleep

Emily: okay

I snuggle up with Niall , locked in one if his warm hugs

Zayn: awwwww Emily loon at her that Is just sooooo great

Liam: they do look good together

Louis : yes they do

Harry: perfect I am glad Niall found his true love

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