Which Direction

Vanessa is a 19 year old girl who lives next to Justin Bieber. Her family is so rich, But what happens when she meets the biggest boy band of her generation.


2. The Suprise !

???: help help let us in let us in help

Nessa: ( opens the door and one direction falls in )woah umm okay those are a lot of fans and One Direction is in my house.

Liam: you seem to already know us and we certainly know you.

Louis:Your the lead singer and dancer in the Fab 4

Nessa: so you guys no who I am.

Zaiyn: yes but where are the other girls.

Nessa: just hanging ( phone rings )oh hi Simon

S: hello Vanessa I would just like to tell you you are being signed to SYCO records

N: no way really that great oh yeah and One Direction was being chased by fans so now they are in my house

S: I know Liam already told me is it ok if they stay for a bit

N: I'm not sure I have to ask my mom first but I think she will say yes

S:good and tell her I said hi

N: I will bye see you soon

End if convo

Nessa: hey mom is it ok if ine Direction stays with us for a bit, Simon wanted to know

Mom: yes they can

Nessa: thank you and the Fab 4 got signed to SYCO records

Mom: that's great why don't you introduce me to One Direction

Nessa : okay hey Guys come here

Boys: yeah

Nessa: this is my mom mom this is Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zaiyn

Mom : nice to meet you all umm nessa sweetie I have to go to Paris for work you have your credit card and calm me if any emergencies. I trust you I love you bye. ( runs out the door )

Nessa: well I'm gonna invite the rest of my group over

Boys: okay

Nessa: make yourself right at home just don't make a mess

Louis : yes mum

Nessa : ( calls) hey wanna come over I have a Suprise for you

Girls :okay we will be over bye

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