Which Direction

Vanessa is a 19 year old girl who lives next to Justin Bieber. Her family is so rich, But what happens when she meets the biggest boy band of her generation.


5. forgiven?


Nessa: please don't mess up anything

Louis: Yes mum

Nessa: Louis when will you stop calling me that

Louis: whennnnnnnn you go out with Niall

I look over at Niall in an awkward face

Louis: is nessa dating Niall

Nessa: maybe

Louis: now it is mum and da da

Nessa: if I'm mum the. When we get back to the house you have to go to sleep

Louis: never mind nessa

Gwen: everyone nessa is dating Niall

Everyone: yay

Nessa: let's go back home and goooo swimming

Everyone: yes

Everyone went home and got ready to go swimming

Harry:( pulls me aside ) hey listen I should be with you not harry

Nessa: well too bad cuz I'm happy I'm with Niall but we can be friends

Harry: friends is not for me ( socks nessa in the face and knocks her out cold )

Niall: what did you do harry you hurt her

Harry: I didn't mean to I just got angry

Louis: she let's is stay at her house and this is how you repay her

Liam: you have no right to hit her

Harry: well why are we just standing here let's take her to the hospital I'll drive

Niall: I don't trust you I will drive

At the hospital

30 min

Niall: nurse is she okay

Nurse: I'm so so sorry but she is gone

Niall: what no I can't loose her she can't be gone

Nurse: I'm sorry but she is gone

Niall: HARRY!!! This is all your fault she is gone because if you

Nurse: wait are you the father of Julia

Niall: no I am the boyfriend of Vanessa

Nurse: I am so sorry please don't sue me but she is ok I thought you meant someone else I am so sorry forgive

Niall: where is she

Nurse: room 13

Niall: okay thank you ( rind to the room ) Vanessa are you okay

Nessa: yes I am and glad to be here

Niall: I know you might be pissed of at Harry

Nessa: Harry come here

Harry: I am so so sorry

Nessa: I am not mad people make mistakes all the time it's a human thing I know you couldn't handle it because your just like me... Human

Harry: how could you forgive me I was a jerk

Nessa: don't question just be happy because I forgave you

Niall: I love you

Nessa: I love you too

Both kiss passionately

Nessa: the nurse said I can leave tomorrow until them do you wanna stay here

Niall: I will stay right by your side now get some sleep it's like 8:00 p.m and you need the sleep love you ( kisses her again )

Nessa : night

A/N: how do you guys like it. Gotta do H.W peace

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