Which Direction

Vanessa is a 19 year old girl who lives next to Justin Bieber. Her family is so rich, But what happens when she meets the biggest boy band of her generation.


7. Don't tell Simon

Emily p.o.v

I woke up and went to get some Oreos

Niall: Ness I mean Emily

Emily: yeah

Niall: will you be my girlfriend

Emily: yes I will

Niall: wonderful

Harry: good morning

Emily: morning

Niall: morning

Harry: did I interrupt something

Emily: yerp me and Niall are going out


Emily: thank you

Harry: Emily brown is coming in your hair it looks a lot ...like... Nessas

Emily: well um ya know I am her cousin and yeah

Harry: mmmmhhhhhhmmm

Diane: ( on the phone ) no that's UR we are thru you cheated no not anymore I am sick and tired of you

Emily: Diane are you ok

Diane: Logan was cheating on me with Samantha

Emily: fuck her you are way out of logans league

Diane: thanks

Harry: ( sit next to Diane on the couch ) yeah fuck him you are way to beautiful and amazing for him

Diane: thank you harry

Harry: no prob

Diane : you really get me

Niall: well what should we do today

Emily: idk really I might just wanna chill

Diane: the girls bfs are coming

Harry:so Logan isn't coming

Diane: nope

Harry: Diane

Diane: yeah

Harry: we have known

Emily pushes Diane into Harry which makes them kiss

Diane : nessa wtf

Harry: nessa

Emily : nessa

Harry: your nessa

Emily: yeah

Harry: why didn't you tell me

Emily: (explains the story) don't tell Simon

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