Which Direction

Vanessa is a 19 year old girl who lives next to Justin Bieber. Her family is so rich, But what happens when she meets the biggest boy band of her generation.


4. Closet time

In the closet

Niall: so what are we gonna do

Nessa: there is a secret room

In room

Niall: woah nice

Nessa: make yourself at home

Niall: this is so cool( Sits on couch )

Nessa: (sits down on couch)

Niall: I like you

Nessa: I like you too

Niall: then be my girlfriend

Nessa: really

Niall : I'm asking you aren't i

Nessa: YES!!!!!!

Niall: great lets go up but not tell anyone yet

Nessa: I won't


Louis : have fun in there

Nessa: shut up

Louis: yes mum

Nessa: no carrots for you

Louis : fine

Nessa: who wants to go to jbs house

Everyone: meeee

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