Someone tackled me to the ground.
"Don't say anything!" The man hissed. He had a British accent I had never heard before. His hazel eyes burned into my icy blue ones. I wanted to scream so badly.

Sammy is a homeless girl, abandoned by her parents and taking shelter in a rather clean evacuated building. She has lived her homeless life for a year now, but soon, it will all change.
Kidnapped one day, her kidnappers give her the chance to live a happy life with them, or continue her poor life as a homeless orphan.
And one of her own kidnappers has an eye on Sammy...


5. We're Staying

Samantha's POV

I was no longer on the top of a building, being smothered by with a rag of chloroform, but I was on a couch. A rather big one, at that. Four boys stood in front, while a fifth was in the back of them.

I couldn't remember anything from the night before. But one of the boys looked familiar. It was a blond with piercing blue eyes.

"Who are you people?" I stood up suddenly, feeling sick shortly afterwards.

"Yeah, you might not wanna do that." The blond one smiled, and set me back down. "I'm Niall." He replied.

"I'm Zayn." A boy with black hair and brown eyes said.

"Louis." This one had light brown hair like mine, but with deeper blue eyes.

"My name's Liam." Liam had darker brown hair and brown eyes like Zayn's.

"What about the boy in the back?" I could see that he had curly brown hair and hazel eyes. Wait a minute...hazel eyes?!! Were these the boys that kidnapped me?

"He's Harry." Louis replied.

"Were you guys the ones that kidnapped me last night?" It took away all of my courage to say that.

"That was my idea." The Harry one stood up. "And Niall didn't want to."

"I never said that we shouldn't get her here somehow!" Niall shouted.

"Okay, guys, calm down." Liam tried to pull them apart.

"They...kind of have a bad history. Always getting into fights." Louis explained. Something in my mind snapped.

"You're One Direction, aren't you?" I didn't just recognize them from my kidnapping.

"Yes, we are." Zayn smiled.

"So, lemme get this straight. This famous band just kidnapped me."

"We didn't want to kidnap you in the first place." Niall said. "But, sadly, yes." He looked down at the floor.

"You have two choices, um, what's your name?" Harry asked.

"Samantha. But please, call me Sammy."

"Sammy. You have two choices. Either live with us and have a real home, or stay on the streets, foraging for food."

"That depends. Do you have Eevee? She's my kitten, and I can't just leave her out there to die!" I would lay my life down for her.

"You mean the brown-and-cream kitten that was with you?" Zayn asked. I nodded. "We have her. And she's not dead."

"Then I'll stay here, if Eevee's alright with it." I sighed.

"It's okay. She really likes if here, but she misses you. Should I get her?" Niall asked.

"Please." Niall nodded, and soon came back with Eevee in his arms. "Thank you. I thought that you guys would've left her there to starve." Eevee licked my cheek.

"Not even I wanted to leave her there." Harry added. I scratched Eevee's ears.

"I'm staying here. Eevee likes it, and I like it. We're both staying." 

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