Someone tackled me to the ground.
"Don't say anything!" The man hissed. He had a British accent I had never heard before. His hazel eyes burned into my icy blue ones. I wanted to scream so badly.

Sammy is a homeless girl, abandoned by her parents and taking shelter in a rather clean evacuated building. She has lived her homeless life for a year now, but soon, it will all change.
Kidnapped one day, her kidnappers give her the chance to live a happy life with them, or continue her poor life as a homeless orphan.
And one of her own kidnappers has an eye on Sammy...


1. Little Bit About Me

Samantha's POV

My name is Samantha, or Sammy for short. I was abandoned by my parents about a year ago. In fact, in two days is the anniversary. They were killed in a car crash six months ago. I'm not sure whether I feel sympathy or joy. I loved my parents before they abandoned me. I even came back when they were out together and get my stuff, including my phone. Now, I live in this evacuated building, maybe because there was a bomb set off here. I don't know about you guys, but it's pretty cozy. I like it.

I'm eighteen years old; nineteen in late May. I'm also a big Minecraft player, love Harry Potter, I can draw, write, and play piano really well. I can sing, if you like hearing hoarse voices. I honestly don't think I'm very good at singing, but it releases stress when I'm really angry or sad. I've never kissed a boy in my life. It's really sad, but I don't blame anybody. My hair is dirty blond with deep blue streaks and goes down to my upper chest. I have bangs swept over to the left of my face, icy blue eyes, and freckles on my cheeks. It reminds me of that one line from that song I believe is called Little Things, but I don't know who the band is. I can always tell whether it's a band or not. The line went 'And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks' or something. It was a really sappy love song. I had to buy the song on iTunes sooner or later. 

Well, it wasn't too late. I opened up iTunes and searched for the song. It was right on the front page. That's unusual. The band was called One Direction. Who calls themselves One Direction? Sounds like part of a pick-up line. Oh well. I tapped 'BUY' and waited for it to download. When it was all done, I pressed 'PLAY' and let the song drift me to sleep.


This one is just a starter so keep watch for the second chapter. ;) BYEEEE!!!

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