Someone tackled me to the ground.
"Don't say anything!" The man hissed. He had a British accent I had never heard before. His hazel eyes burned into my icy blue ones. I wanted to scream so badly.

Sammy is a homeless girl, abandoned by her parents and taking shelter in a rather clean evacuated building. She has lived her homeless life for a year now, but soon, it will all change.
Kidnapped one day, her kidnappers give her the chance to live a happy life with them, or continue her poor life as a homeless orphan.
And one of her own kidnappers has an eye on Sammy...


8. Changes

Destiny's POV

"Carefully..." I was trying to take out the contacts I never knew I had in. Somebody knocked on my door. Mad, I walked out of the bathroom. Opening the door, I found my visitor to be Zayn.

"So, did Niall tell you already?" I nodded. Zayn revealed a light blue glasses case. "We both need glasses without contacts. Since you've had contacts in your whole life, I figured you'd want these." He shoved it into my hands. "Oh, and there's a little something in one of the drawers. Use it, please, Destiny."


"Remember, you're not Samantha Usua anymore. You're Destiny Malik. My little sister." Zayn kissed my forehead and left. Butterflies fluttered all around my stomach. 

He said that there was something in one of my drawers...what is it? I didn't worry about it now. Creaking open the glasses case, my heart fluttered. How did they know I loved nerd glasses? I raced to the bathroom and removed my contacts. My eyes weren't a cold, icy blue like my parents. Rather, they were a dark chocolate brown.

Just like Zayn's.


Hair dye remover? This was apparently the 'something' Zayn was talking about. Did my not-real parents dye my hair too? It was almost surreal. They had gone so far to hide me to change everything that I looked like. The only thing they couldn't change was who I really was. 

I was taken aback when I put the glasses on. It looked...somewhat comforting. I felt like I knew the person behind the glasses. It was a past me.

No. Stop it, Destiny.

The container said I had to use it with shampoo to work. I can work with this.


My hair was a charcoal black. I looked like a female version of Zayn with glasses.

"Here goes nothing, Eevee." I scooped up my kitten and opened my door. The boys were all downstairs, talking about something. "Guys?" I was surprised they could hear me.

There was astonishment in Niall's eyes.

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