Someone tackled me to the ground.
"Don't say anything!" The man hissed. He had a British accent I had never heard before. His hazel eyes burned into my icy blue ones. I wanted to scream so badly.

Sammy is a homeless girl, abandoned by her parents and taking shelter in a rather clean evacuated building. She has lived her homeless life for a year now, but soon, it will all change.
Kidnapped one day, her kidnappers give her the chance to live a happy life with them, or continue her poor life as a homeless orphan.
And one of her own kidnappers has an eye on Sammy...


13. Can You Keep a Secret?

Niall's POV

I couldn't contain myself anymore, I just couldn't! I loved her too much to keep my love for her bottled up. I sensed something was wrong, so I pulled back. "I-Destiny? I-is there something wrong?"

Destiny looked at me, her dark eyes burning into my glassy blue ones. "No, I just-what about Zayn? What if he finds out?" She whispered. "I don't want you hurt." 

I've always been told there's only one side to a person, it's just that you can't see it. But Destiny, she had two sides to her. Her tough, sassy side was torn away by secrets that were meant to be kept away forever, and it revealed the soft-spoken, shy Destiny.

I held both of her hands. "No. No, he's not gonna find out, Destiny. I promise you. We can keep this secret, okay?"

"Are you sure?" Destiny looked down at our hands and then to me. "I was never good with keeping secrets before...this."

"At least stop hurting yourself. I don't want you doing that to yourself, ever."

"There's a reason, Niall. I thought my parents actually left me. But at least I know now that they didn't. But, why did my so-called parents that raised me kidnap me? That's what I'm wondering now."

"We'll leave that for another day." I replied. "Destiny?"


"Do you think you can keep a secret?"

"I...I can, Niall. I will." She smiled. God, that beautiful smile.

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