Someone tackled me to the ground.
"Don't say anything!" The man hissed. He had a British accent I had never heard before. His hazel eyes burned into my icy blue ones. I wanted to scream so badly.

Sammy is a homeless girl, abandoned by her parents and taking shelter in a rather clean evacuated building. She has lived her homeless life for a year now, but soon, it will all change.
Kidnapped one day, her kidnappers give her the chance to live a happy life with them, or continue her poor life as a homeless orphan.
And one of her own kidnappers has an eye on Sammy...


4. Attack on Home

Niall's POV

"Okay, Niall. You better not fuck this up." Harry turned to me.

"When did I ever fuck up your plans?" He ignored the question.

"I'm gonna jump down and tackle her. Zayn, Liam, and Louis are gonna help me hold her down if she's a struggler. And you need to drape this rag over her face. Don't inhale the fumes, it's laced with chloroform." Harry gave me a green cloth that smelled really odd.

"What happens after we're done?" I asked.

"We get her back to our place! Duh!" Harry smacked his head, pretending to be stupid. I could get a closer look at the girl. Her hair was golden brown with deep blue streaks, and she looked rather thin. Was she homeless? She was clutching a similarly thin kitten with brown fur and cream-colored neck fur and tail tip, not to mention that the tail was extremely fluffed up.

"Go!" Harry whisper-yelled and leaped down onto the girl, tackling her to the ground.

Samantha's POV

Someone tackled me to the ground. I let out a squeal of fear.

"Don't say anything!" The man hissed. He had a British accent I had never heard before. I wanted to scream so badly. I tried to squirm out of his grasp, but he held on. Three other men came over and held me down. A fifth one came up with a rag in his hand. Oh no...that rag must have chloroform in it! I stopped trying to break free. Instead, I tried to back up so the man with the rag couldn't reach me. His bright blue eyes met mine. I swallowed. He knelt down next to me.

"I'm sorry." Was all he said. What? He was sorry that this was happening to me?

"Niall, hurry up and put the damn rag on her face already!" The hazel-eyed one spat. The blue-eyed one looked at Hazel Boy, then at me, pity swirling in his irises. He smothered the rag over my face. I couldn't breath. The last image I saw was Rag Boy getting chewed on by Hazel for doing something.

And then it was all black.

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