I was just a normal 17 year old girl.wierd. Boring. Just a plain old Khloe.

I didn't realise going to Starbucks on the 5/10/13 was going to change my life. I meet him - HIM the man of my dreams and his name was harry styles.

2 months later and we were better then ever. Face timing , laughing until my lights when out . Then all my electronic devises. Then I heard a bang....


1. 1

Khloe POV

It was a Saturday , Harry was coming to pick me up soon for lunch. He really was the best boyfriend.

It was cold out side - frosty and windy so I put on some jeans,a sweater and toped it with my prada printed boots that Harry had bought me. I tied my golden coloured hair back into a side plat with a cute little bow. Done, harry should be here any minute!

I was standing around for a few minutes and checked my watch 12.30 then I heard a beep beep! It was harry. How surprising he never can be late!!

I said good Bye to my one and only house mate - my dog pixie! I live in an apartment down town since life at home wasn't great.

I walked out the door and harry was waiting there. Leaning back on his Mercedes's Benz , a little smirk came onto his face

"Hello there" I said as he said back "hii" with his deep but husky voice following a kiss . He opened the passenger door for me ( he was such a gentle man) and hoped in himself and off we were!

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