Rebellious Ways

Rebellious Love ; true story? Based on a true story... ;)
Harmony and Sterling have a strong connection, they have true love for each other and are soul mates
Yet, there's one problem
There Age Difference.


5. Wandering Eyes

His green eyes got me distracted again. I proceed to examine his lips. Plumped, not by a lot but good enough. His outfit, so nice and classy... but I just cant. Sterling is far much better. With his curly brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes.. I cant day dream about him, I have to make a decision, but before I knew it I leaned in and I kissed Trevor on the check. I slowly lean back and analyze what I just did but then he kissed me on the check back. I looked at him and smiled, and we hugged and walked away, wow, actions before thinking. The saying "think before you say" just doesn't apply to words, but actions as well.

Sterling's POV

Well, the tournament was actually pretty great. I got to spend some time with Harmony when also not trying to make anything look to obvious, but those big brown eyes keep distracting me like crazy. She disappeared for some time, I wonder where she went, I honestly have no clue. As she walked in, a couple minutes later that one guy who we hanged out at the first tournament came, Trevor. I got really suspicious... I hope nothing happened, cause he keeps eye balling her, I don't want to have to do anything about it and make a scene.


I cant believe today is the 1st of December! Time really flys by in your senior year, especially when you are having tons of fun! Today I planned out a movie thing with Harmony. Since she is spending the night because of Julie. When Julie falls asleep her and I will see each other then.

As Its almost time that she's coming over, I pick out the movies, set up a romantic table for us, pick out her favorite drink (Japanese melon soda), get all the snacks ready when suddenly I hear my door open and it's my brother, Isaiah. He scams the room and raises his eyebrows.

"well..well.. special lady coming over?"

I just stare at him, swallow really heard to clear my throat and respond truthfully

"yup! She's coming over pretty late though, so you don't have to be an ass !"

"well ill be up, like always!"

He gives me a wink and leaves, sometimes he bugs the shit out of me being my big brother.

A couple minutes after I hear the door slam and girls laughing

Harmony and Julie.

I examine Harmony as her hair is straight down, kind of wavy, with a scarf (as always) and jeans and boots and the whole outfit, which is so pretty. When my sister, well.. I don't really give a shit. They start to walk to the kitchen and Harmony glances at me and smiles and walks off with my sister. I just wish I could just hold her hand in front of everybody and we can share her, but this is what its got to be.  As the night was passing by and all I heard was thumping and laughing and music blasting, finally all of it died out. A couple minutes after I heard my door open and there she was. I just give her the biggest hug possible, and give her a sweet kiss on the check. She looks at me and gives her one of those adorable smiles.

"I cant believe this is working!" she says with a surprised face

"I know, how do you think I feel?" I said laughing, trying to not to make to much noise

We lay on the bed and look at each other for a minute and smiled

Her head on my shoulder, my arms across her and we just laugh our asses off while we watch the film. I see her falling asleep, couple minutes she's passed out. I decided to take a picture because its so damn cute. Then I pick her up and quietly take her to my sisters room. When I open the door and I carefully put her down I look up and my sister is staring at me.  

"what the hell are you doing?" She says, furious

I try to think as fast as I possibly could

"She passed out outside so I picked her and put her back here."

"why was she out?!"

"I don't know.. she probably sleep walks"

She gives me the stink look and lays back down and goes back to sleep.

Well that was a close one


I wake up and look at the clock, it's 9:30 am.

I go downstairs and my mom is making eggs, bacon, hash browns, the whole deal. My brother is at work and the girls are still asleep. I sit down and have a nice talk with my mom until I see Julie and Harmony come down the stairs. They look so tired and Harmony looks extremely tired, yet she still looks so cute. We all sit around and eat breakfast. Julie keeps giving me an evil look, I try not to look and pay attention to my food.

"so, do you sleep walk?" Julie asks Harmony, interrupting her conversation with my mom

"I actually do sometimes" Harmony responds, bewildered.

Thank God!!

Julie shakes her head up and down, while looking at the ground

When it was time for Harmony, I was about to say that I could give her a ride home, but then Julie looked at me right away

"no, mom and I are taking her. You stay here."

I really don't understand why she is acting like this, even Harmony says she sleeps walks!

When she left she smiled and blew me a kiss and my heart stopped, im going to really miss her.

**At School**

Hunter and I and a couple of other friends are doing our work and chilling, while Hannah keeps staring at me down, making me really uncomfortable. As we are working, I come across Harmony coming over, I wonder what she's doing here. My heart starts beating really fast and I can feel my face getting bright cherry red. Then, I see something I never want to see.

Chandlor and her start talking. Why is she talking to him?!

Him and I don't have a good connection, he's a real asshole.

Back then, him and I use to be good friends, we would come to one others houses since our sisters were really close friends. Then he just turned into one really screwed up asshole. I saw Chandlor look at me and our eyes met. Harmony then looked at me and gave this blank look. Then Chandlor just whispered something and they starting walking away together, and then Hannah tagged along with them. Chandlor looked backed at me and then they went into a building. Then I saw my sister give me a look.

All these wandering eyes

What are they even thinking?




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