Rebellious Ways

Rebellious Love ; true story? Based on a true story... ;)
Harmony and Sterling have a strong connection, they have true love for each other and are soul mates
Yet, there's one problem
There Age Difference.


1. Started Off with a Coincidence

- You think you are intelligent as you get older, but are you really? You learn something new every moment life has to offer for you. That's why, personally, I am extremely shocked, but at the same time, Im the luckiest woman in the world. I am sitting here, with my soul mate, whom I knew he was the one. Looking at his gorgeous, hazel eyes, It was so worth everything we went through and to be finally be with him, I guess in the end, it is happily ever after along with bumps.

                                            ***            *****                ******           ******

  -Harmony's P.O.V

Sunshine through my curtains, birds chirping, lighting up my room as soon as I wake up, nothing is better. Im up early, nervous, but excited. Today is the first of my drama tournament. I had no idea that they made tournaments for drama, but oh well! Im doing a solo, its about a comedian whom always wanted to be a scientist, but secretly is a meth cook. I decided this was interesting since I consider myself a comedian and how she speaks is brilliant, and plus the twist is great! Im nervous, but also anxious. I put my hair up, get dressed, looking formal I should say, and maybe a hint of  mascara. I put on my heels and im ready to hit the road. As I come to my school (that's where the first tournament took place) Pricilla High School. As I proceed to step out my car early in the morning, I see my friend Nathan all handsome in his suit. Right before I was going to say hello, my friends who are twin, Hailey and Hannah came.

"Oh my gosh Harmony, you look so beautiful!" Hailey exclaims and gives me a big hug

"Aww, thank you, you guys both look beautiful!" I said looking at the both of them

"Thanks.." Hannah said awkwardly, trying to put a smile on her face

We both step into the auditorium where all the teams are my competition, then I found the captain of my drama team, Chandlor. I do admit, he was pretty handsome with his glasses and his suit.... actually, really handsome. Then again, he was being a jerk to me because I forgot my number for the judges and he had to repeat it. I was just wandering, roaming, small talking a couple of people, waiting for it to be time, so I decided to hang out with Nathan. As Nathan left to go talk to our main coach, Mr. Solveria, a few girls wanted to talk to me, Shawlene and Carrie. They've been doing for a long time, so they wanted to give me advice and they are very nice girls. As im talking to then, these boys come. I was shocked, they were so energetic and ready to go. They both were tall. One of them had blonde hair, blue eyes, a little facial hair. The other one had brown curly hair, hazel eyes, no facial hair. I found out there names, the blonde one was named Hunter and the brown haired Sterling

Sterling isn't that bad looking

Sterling's P.OV.

 Spent the night at my boys Hunter house for the first drama tournament for the Drama tournament. Im a little nervous, Mr.Solveria and I are not doing very good, he's still upset with me for making a smartass remark in class like I always do! As Hunter and I arrived at the school we first spotted our friends Shawlene and Carrie, as I gave Carrie a little tug just to notice was there, as I was telling them a random story like always, I looked and I see a girl whom I've never seen before. I was wondering who she was and if she was new, but man, she's really pretty. Maybe even to pretty for me... Nah, I shouldn't try to hit on her, she would never date me, not a chance in hell. She's so beautiful and im just eh... and im probably not her type either.. okay Sterling, shut up and focus on the story. As we finished that small talk, I walked away to see my kind of ex, Hannah. I tried not to make eye contact, that girl is crazy! I don't even know why I actually liked her at one point. It was only at one small, short period of time and she's crazy in love with me. I was really surprised, Mr.Solveria asked me to be a judge for a couple of rounds. Holy shit, he actually wants me to be a judge? What a surprise, but I'll take it !

Harmony's P.O.V

Postings are up for the first round, I'm extremely nervous, but excited. As Nathan and I went up to see where we are we both noticed we are in the same round, which is pretty cool! Him and I decided to walk together, and as we got there, there was already a couple people there. I decided to be nice and small talk with the people who were already there, and this one girl was super shy, but really nice! As I was talking to Nathan and her, I turned out and to see this tall, green eyed cutie come, he was really cute, which made me even more nervous. Then, the door opened, and I walked in the room to see two of my judges, they looked pretty scary, and then, I see Sterling, he's also a judge for my round.







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