Rebellious Ways

Rebellious Love ; true story? Based on a true story... ;)
Harmony and Sterling have a strong connection, they have true love for each other and are soul mates
Yet, there's one problem
There Age Difference.


2. Falling for the wrong one

Sterling's POV

As I was getting ready to begin to judge, I identify everybody in the room and then, there was she was, that mysterious girl.

*couple minutes later*

After all these other boring scripts (no offense) finally, it was he turn. She stood up straight, took a deep breath, and started walking towards the front of the room, trying not to trip on her heels, her posture great, smiles with her beautiful smile and asks, "judges ready?" I shake my head for a response as well as the other judges. She takes a deep breath once again, and begins. Her voice, powerful and strong, off to a great start, as she was continuing, she made a funny ass joke, I mean, it was something I would of said! As im trying not to laugh as my face is getting bright cherry red. In the middle of her speech, she just stops. She was frozen, and she finally said "and that's all I have" and she walked away in embarrassment, I could tell. I actually thought it was amazing. When we were finished, I saw that one guy opened the door for her, ah, smart guy.

harmony's POV

First round is over, and I froze in the middle, especially cause the judges were kind of imitating me with there sharp looks, even Sterling. As I was going to the door with Nathan, that one cute tall guy held open the door for me. I smiled and thanked him. He smiled back and said you're welcome. My heart started beating fast again.

Nathan and I were just chilling and laughing and talking about everybody's speeches and started having a weird conversation and then out of nowhere Sterling comes!

"Good job guys!" He said with a smile. He looked at me and said, "Yours was fucking awesome!" I giggled and thanked him. He looked at Nathan and said "you too man!" Then he asked how old we were

Well.. he's older than me, that's for sure. Nathan and I thought it would be funny to lie to people about our age cause we are the youngest people at this tournament.

"Freshman" I finally said, and he actually bought it!

He was shaking his head, and turned to Nathan, "and you?"

"Im a senior"

I was trying not laugh because to be honest, Nathan doesn't look like a senior at all, more like a 6th grader. Sterling started laughing hard and said ,"you're so not a senior dude, im a senior!" "What, you say im not a senior because Im short and im Asian?"

Sterling just looked at him and patted his shoulder and started laughing.

As Sterling left, Nathan and I started talking some more, and I was talking to him how I think that one tall guy was really cute. He said, "go talk to him!"  "no! He wont think im pretty." Nathan looks at him, and started walking towards him

What the fuck is he doing?

"Hey man! Good job on your script!"


As I looked at him and I smiled, "ya, good job!" "you too"

"My name is Harmony" I said to shake out my hand

He shook my hand and said, "nice to meet you, my name is Trevor"

"Why don't we have a 1 on 1 game of  basketball hmm?" Since he was playing basketball, I thought it was a good idea to flirt and get physical

As we were playing, my friend Cynthia came to cheer me on

She joined in too and we both double teamed him, which was lots of fun

As we finished, we were both tired, Nathan smiles and says

"After my team plays a scrimmage, we hug after."

Really Nathan, really? I love that kid!

Trevor looked at me and went in for a hug, he swinged his arms around, and gave me a little squeeze, he was actually pretty strong.

The day continues, and I hung out with Trevor between rounds and he ended up being in my last one. Then after, Trevor, Nathan, and 2 of Trevor's friends decided to hang out with us and before we knew it, Sterling and Hunter tagged along and we all chilled by the basketball court. We pretty much made a lot of racist jokes and me and Trevor just kept looking at each other.

"Hey, can I talk to you?" Trevor whispered in my ear

"sure!" I said, as him and I stood up from the crowd we decided to walk away from everybody as we heard laughing and a couple of oo's. I turned to see Sterling had a weird facial expression.. hmm.

As him and I were once again alone again. He looked at me and said, "I have a crazy question to ask you." uh oh, I know where this is going. "What is it?" "Well.. I wanted to know if... you wanted to be my girlfriend?" I looked in surprised. This fast? I mean, I am starting to have a crush on him, but I can't this fast. "That's really sweet of you, but im sorry, I've only known you for 5 hours, and you live 30 minutes away from me, it'd be difficult to see you, maybe in the future?" He just looked at me, and frowned, but we kept continuing to talk

Then it was time for  me to leave. I gave him my number and I got a hug, and I just looked at his face one last time and then he started walking away.

I just kept thinking about our conversations today, the laughs, the semi flirting, how he wanted to kiss me, but I refused. Today was just fun I guess

I went home, feet were hurting like hell, it felt like I was walking on knifes all the day with those damn heels.

Later that night, I laid in bed

Yup, Im definitely falling for Trevor




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