Rebellious Ways

Rebellious Love ; true story? Based on a true story... ;)
Harmony and Sterling have a strong connection, they have true love for each other and are soul mates
Yet, there's one problem
There Age Difference.


4. Can't do it...

I take a deep breath, honesty is the best thing, right?

I just inhale slowly, and simply reply, "yes, do you?" I cant believe I just sent that. My heart is racing, my palms are getting sweaty, what's going on? This didn't happen with my last boyfriend? In fact, any boyfriend. I immediately got a reply, "yes, I do :)"


Sterling's POV

Call me crazy, but yes, I have feelings for Harmony. This hasn't happened before, no, I've never did anything like this. I like girls my age, my age, like the average person. She's 5 years younger, I'm not a pedophile? I like her for her, she's beautiful, smart, funny, nice, all of these great things. As soon as I receive a message saying the 3 words I wanted to hear


Well, my heart just skipped a beat, and my face just turned cherry red. Is this suppose to happen? Well, now im about 1000 times more happy than I was a couple seconds ago. Plus, no harm can be done, I only like her a little anyways.


Talking to her all weekend has been great, except the part where im starting to develop more feelings so quickly. Feels so wrong but right! While she's at school, I'm just chilling at home, doing my online work and going to hang out with Hunter as usual and possibly my other friend who I actually been hanging with for quite some time, he's kind of a stoner, but funny as fuck, his name is Jeff. Him and I are semi cool, I see him on the bus all the  time and we talk and we've hung out outside of school a couple times, he's pretty awesome.

*After School*

As im getting ready to go over to Hunters house, I hear my sister Julie through the door downstairs with a familiar voice. I go down the stairs to see and holy crap.. it's Harmony. What the fuck

Harmony's POV

My volleyball game got cancelled today, the other team forfeit, so as I was walking I saw Sterling's sister, Julie. She's 15, and I've seen her around the high school a couple of times (the schools are literally right next to each other, the middle school and high school) her and I have talked before and have been talking, and she asked me if I wanted to come over and so, why not?! Then I realized after I called my mom telling her im coming over to Julie's house for maybe an hour or 2, what if Sterling was there?.. Julie cant know! If he was there, I would just have to ignore him, and then it would be all good.

We finally arrived and nobody was downstairs but Julie's mom. I greeted her and she was about to make us a snack. As her and I put our stuff on the couch, I turn around to see Sterling on the corner of my eye. He smiles at me and waves and I flash him back a big smile, he's just so cute.

Sterling left to go hang with Hunter, so its safe and in the time being I was just hanging out with Julie, but I was texting Sterling at the same time.

"So.. anybody who are interested in, hmm?" she gives me a funny smirk and winks

"Well.. nobody really. There's not really anybody at my school who I think is cute.. you?" I said in a funny tone, not trying to blush or smile

"Oh.. this one guy named Chris. He's super hot and funny and he's really cool.. I hope he's interested in me!"

As she continues, Im listening and shaking my head while im trying to text Sterling, then she pauses and stares down at my phone

"who you texting?"

my heart beats faster.. im in panic mode almost

" n-n- Nobody important."

I put my phone down, and I put all my eyes on her.

Close call? Yes.


Sterling is going to this tournament, which im nervous about since Hannah is coming of course.. and it'll be difficult hanging out without leaving suspension or Hannah being on our ass. I walk on the bus while talking to Nathan, im very excited because him and I are being partners and we are doing a duo together! its going to be pretty exciting! As Im sitting on the buss waiting, I notice Hannah and Hunter are in front of the bus talking to the bus driver, then Hunter hugs Hannah, I guess they are pretty tight. Then Hannah goes and sits down, then.. Sterling comes up on the bus, I hear Hannah whispering about him with Hailey, and Hailey looks up and has a huge shock face. I can feel my heartbeat going slower and my heart beating, fireworks in my chest, hiding my face because I might be blushing. All Nathan does is laugh and say, "what are you doing?!" I just look at him and say "nothing going over the lines in my head" we both laugh and I look over at Sterling, he smirks and sits down with Hunter.

*Later in the day*

First round is done, Nathan and I probably lost, but it was so much fun and we were laughing all the way through. As we go to the cafeteria, a couple of people were there, including Sterling. I walked outside and so did he, we were walking and I told him about my first round and we just started talking and being goofy, god I missed him. As we were walking, my heart stopped.. I saw Trevor. I protested to look at  him, but I knew he was looking at me. I just proceeded to not look at him, I told Sterling I have to go to my first round of my other script, because Im doing 2. He just looked at me and gave me a big hug and walked away. Then I turn out and Cynthia was there. I started walking with her and catching up with her and telling her that Trevor was here. I panicked and started walking away cause Nathan and my friend Markell were trying to make me talk to him and I didn't want too.. but at the same time I kind of did, cause I haven't talked to him in a while. After my round was over, I walked back to the cafeteria and Sterling was gone, probably in his round. Looks like things are better... but Trevor

*THAT NIGHT* As I was waiting for my last round to perform my individual script, I was with Nathan cause him and I ended up in the same round. I looked and I saw Trevor couple doors down and he was eye balling me. He gave me a signal to come over. Should I? I looked around and I started walking. As I arrived him and I were having a normal conversation. Then, he took my hand and started walking I was bewildered and was nervous. He pulled us to behind the building and said, "so.. how about that kiss from the last tournament and I saw you?" I was shocked.. "I don't think we should.. somebody could see us." I was trying to make up every excuse possible. I cant say I have a boyfriend because Sterling and I aren't official. He pulls in closer, our toes almost match. His green eyes are distracting.. I try not to get lost, nope. He leans, I back up, I was about to leave but he says don't and I stay just to see what  he says. He grabs my hand, a kiss on the check couldn't hurt?

I don't think I should...






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