Rebellious Ways

Rebellious Love ; true story? Based on a true story... ;)
Harmony and Sterling have a strong connection, they have true love for each other and are soul mates
Yet, there's one problem
There Age Difference.


6. And there were 4

Harmony’s POV: Here I am, walking peacefully to have a discussion with Mr. Solveria, to discuss the next drama tournament. I am walking along the path, and then here I see him again, Chandlor walking my way, I was wondering if he would actually talk to me, and then the next thing I know we were right in front of each other.

“Going to act like you don’t know me?” He said as he winks at me and gives me a hug

I smile and said, “oh, no of course not! How could I not resist you?” I say laughing at the smart remark I made since he thinks he’s all that. Him and I started walking together, discussing about various, random things. Then as we stepped onto campus, the courtyard, I immediately saw Sterling, and he was looking my way. His beautiful hazel eyes were looking right through me, like he could read my mind, my weaknesses. My heart skipped a beat as we continued the stare as Chandlor was still talking to me, it was going through one ear and out the other. Then I snapped out of it

“Harmony, what are you looking at?”

Oh, nothing sorry!”

“Anyways, you wanted to talk to Mr. Solveria?”

“Yeah, I got to discuss a couple of things  with him”

“Well good, cause I need to talk to Ms. Jaclyn about Hunter and I doing a duo for the next tournament.

As we were walking I noticed he was trying to hold my hand, and I was very shocked, considering we were on school grounds. Then, Hannah decides to tag along.

“Hey, Harm!” she says, smiling like an angel

“Hey Hannah”

The 3 of us were discussing our scripts as we walked in the room, everybody seemed extremely happy to us

“Harm!!” Hailey says with great excitement

I smile big and give her a big hug

After I had my talk and got my script to practice for the tournament in a couple of weeks, Chandlor decides to catch up with me and Sterling is gone, he probably went home with Julie.

“So, I was wondering, do you want to go out this Friday, movie? Dinner? Whatever you want!”

I was thinking for a brief moment, is he asking me out on a date? Sterling and I haven’t even gone out on a date! I decided to make a excuse

“Well, I don’t know what I would really tell my parents, so I don’t think it’s going to work out!”

“Well, your mom loves me, so I can just say that I’m going to help you with your script, I mean obviously since I am the captain of this team plus you can just come over to my house, my mother loves you as well as my brother!”

Once again, I thought about it and decided why not? Wouldn’t hurt

“Why sure! Why not?” I said with a big smile on my face

“Great! Ill text you tonight”

He looks around for a little bit to see if anybody is looking, and gives me a big hug and then he walks away.



Sterling’s POV

As I got home, thinking about that look on Harmony’s face over and over, her beauty just stunned me, when on the other side of me I’m full of anger seeing her talking to that asshole. It also doesn’t help seeing Hannah try to intervene and see the two of their horrible faces together. I decided to text Harmony so I can just see what it was all about because I am curious. Then, Julie comes down the stairs as soon as I hit sent.

“I need to talk to you, now”

I roll my eyes and lay on the couch, ready to hear her nag.

“What is up with you and Harmony? You better tell me the truth on this, I swear Sterling it’s not funny if you like my friend, she’s too good for you.”


No, nothing is going on between us, trust me.”

“I don’t trust you at all, if I find you’re dead, and you know it. You know better.”

“Yes mother, I know better, now get off my ass you little lesbian.”

Her face turned red and stormed off, I knew she was pissed and if she knew, all hell would break loose.

As I decide to hang out with Jeff for the day, we are walking around town and then all of a sudden I seek somebody I never wanted to see, not at all.

It’s her

It really is


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