Call Of The Clans

Dawntuft is a she-cat. She has one brother named flametuft. She has a white tail tip, white ear tips, a white muzzle, and white paws. The rest of her body is orange. She has stunning greeny-blue eyes. She lives in thunderclan. There was once an oman from starclan saying that one day one cat would save the clans, and would be even more powerful then the three. Dawntuft had only herd of this as a story, not something that would one day be personal.


3. chapter 3

dawntuft walked to the medicine den. she spotted her brother. "hey flametuft! I thought we were gunna play hide and seek later? it seems ive been looking for you and you have been hiding! whats up?" she walked over to her brother and licked his flank. "oh, sorry. I didnt know you were looking for me." his sister purred. "its all right mouse brain." she teased. "I'll plat later though, Im kinda busy right now. ok?" "ok. bye!" dawntuft walked off. I wounder why he's so busy all of a sudone. whatever. I think I'll go check windclan borders. dawntuft picked up her pace and headed to windclan borders.

"Who are you?" dawntuft jummped and hissed at the cat accross the border. "You scared me you mouse brain!" the cat across looked down. "Im sorry. I didnt mean to scare you, Ive just never seen you before. And I wanted to know your name." dawntuft purred. "well as long as you didnt mean to scare me. oh and by the way Im Dawntuft. And you are?" the cats eyes widend. "Your a warrior? How come I never herd about you before?" dawntuft roled her eyes. "Its probably because I just passed my warrior test." the she-cat rolled her eyes. "Cool! I just passed mine too! Im goldentuft!" the gold warrior sat down and puffed out his chest all wise like. "you better had not been trying to tresspass!" he giggled a little. dawntuft acted all ofended. "exuse me! I would never bring that kind of dis ohnor to my clan!" the gold warrior looked down. "it was just a joke, sorry." dawntuft laughed. "so was mine you mouse brain! I cant beilive you fell for it!" she started rolling on the ground. "oh. ha, Ive never been to sharp with jokes." the warrior gazed into dawntufts eyes. she then noticed how beutiful they were, they were ice gold blue with a rim of green. she looked away and felt her pelt go hot. stop it! he's windclan! she looked up. "so I better get going, bye." "wait!" goldentuft was almost over the border but stopped. "meet me here tonight, alright?" dawntuft blinked. "um, sure. see you tonight bye!" and she ran off into the trees.

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