Call Of The Clans

Dawntuft is a she-cat. She has one brother named flametuft. She has a white tail tip, white ear tips, a white muzzle, and white paws. The rest of her body is orange. She has stunning greeny-blue eyes. She lives in thunderclan. There was once an oman from starclan saying that one day one cat would save the clans, and would be even more powerful then the three. Dawntuft had only herd of this as a story, not something that would one day be personal.


2. Chapter 2

flametuft walked to firestars den. "firestar? you said you wanted to talk to me?" the tom whispered into his leaders den. "yes. I have some very sad news." his eyes looked distant. as if he was not in this world. "sandstorm has, left us. she now walks with starclan." his leaders voice was unsteady as he said this. "im so sorry firestar." he dipped his head. "it is not your fault. she was old and weak. please inform jayfeather. he must know first besides you." his leader stared at flametuft. "flametuft, never ever be jealous of your sister. you got that?" flametuft tilted his head. "yes." "good. now go. don't tell anyone but jayfeather. goodbye."

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