I can't I said on tears I tried to get up put he shoved me back down your going to pay I said there was a lump in my throat about to burst in more tears until the door opened


2. lazy day

I slept for like 10 minutes on nialls shoulder

Then I woke up I heard kissing but I least expected it from harry

Since he was at our house for some reason

Then Niall kissed my neck and I moaned cause I'm ticklish

Then harry glared at him I pecked nialls lips then he carried me to my room and said let go for a swim

Since we had a pool I went inside my walk in closet and so did Niall

And I changed into a cute pink and black polko dots it was so cute it also had a bow

Then I saw Niall staring at me I blushes he was eating red and black trunks I opened the closet door and saw harry getting under my bed so I just told that to Niall and he picked me up bridal style and we started to make out I kept moaning hen my sister Katie came in with her hair in a bun

Then she asked us if we had seen harry we answerd with a no

Then I stopped kissing Niall

Priscilla:let's go swimming after I said that he carried me down the stairs and he through me down on the pool

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