I can't I said on tears I tried to get up put he shoved me back down your going to pay I said there was a lump in my throat about to burst in more tears until the door opened


3. fight!

I holded nialls hand while were underwater

He leaned in then I pecked his lips we stood like that for 2 min then I got of the pool and grabbed my towel and went to sit on the bleachers and grabbed my phone there was this picture of me and Niall kissing underwater wat the heck

I was suprised anyway I went inside and I forgot I left my towel outside but I left it there and I just I grabbed a snack then Niall came in I was walking to he sofa but he turned me around and kissed me I pulled him closer

Harry kept glaring Katie just watched

Me and Katie aren't that much of twins they just call is that but we don't look alike

Niall held me closer so we fell on the

Sofa but then I let go and giggled because if the face he made

Priscilla:any of you would like to go to the park or something you guys no what I'll be back I'm going for a jog

I then went to my room and took of my flip flops and locked the door and I changed to a sport bran and some running shorts and some Jordan's then I grabbed my iPod and my headphones and went to my bathroom and put my hair in a ponytail and went downstairs and grabbed a bottle of water

Harry's and nialls eyes were on me Katie went to her

Room to take a nap

Niall got up from the couch and said hey can I run with you sure I said

Hey I wanna go with her harry said

Then all I knew was there was a fight in my living room I tried to pull them apart it didn't work so when Harry was going to punch I got in the way and he punched me instead

I moaned of pain Niall helped me up to my room

And harry followed

Get out of my room Harold I yelled/screamed

I hugged Niall as I sat on my bed

Are you ok Niall I said.

Yea but the question is are you ok? He asked

Yea don't worry I just done like seeing anybody getting hurt

Next thing I know we were kissing his hand in my short where my butt was but then we just fell asleep

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