I can't I said on tears I tried to get up put he shoved me back down your going to pay I said there was a lump in my throat about to burst in more tears until the door opened


1. bad or good

I was waking out of the mall when someone carried me to the bathroom locked the door and started kicking me punching me and the one that shocked me was slapping

Your going to pay for what you've done that person said I couldn't figure out if it was a girl or a boy but it sounded like a boys voice

Get up he yelled I can't I said in tears there was this lump in my throat and I tried to swollow ready to burst in tears

Until I got up and started beating him up as if you know I took 3 years of boxing and my father was a boxer it's possible I'm stronger then my brother Logan he is 19 and I'm 18 and my twin sister Katie she's 18 well we look different she has blue eyes and dirty blonde hair

She's pretty I wish I was her I was ugly fat but people say I'm the opposite

Then I opened the door and ran for my life without no one seeing me the guy was chasing me which creeped me out

And I was an awesome runner so I climed the roof and jumped all away down

I ran home and found Logan kissing a girl what a player I whispered and I said hi to his new girlfriend and ran upstairs and closed my door

I opened up my laptop and went to YouTube and put music on I put "COUNTING STARS" and went to my walk in closet and went to get a really short red dress was a little more up then my knees

And I curled my hair I felt like I didn't want to put makeup so I just went to go get a purse a white one

I got some black heels and got my car keys and ask if they would like but they said no no it was just me and Katie we went clubbing

When we got there Katie was starring at this guy at the bar he was drinking he had brown curly hair beautiful green eyes and a plaid shirt with some jeans and Jordan's

She kept starring at him but he was facing her and smirked but then he looked at me but I was looking at him I just went to the dance floor and started dancing to the beat well Katie was dancing with this other guy I don't know

Then someone grabbed my butt I turned around it was the curly haired guy hey love my name is harry what about yours he said I blushed

My name is Priscilla I said then I walked really fast through people

And then I found this good friend of mine his name was Niall

Priscilla:hey Niall. I said as I hugged him

Niall:hey beautiful how is my babe doing he smirked

Priscilla:ur babe? We aren't even dating Niall

Niall:well Priscilla Ramirez will you

He got cut off by harry I think he kept glaring at him

Niall:as I was saying will you Priscilla Ramirez be my girlfriend

Priscilla:of course why not your cute,nice,funny so why not I said as I smiled

Let's go home my place lets go

I went to look for Katie as I was kissing. Niall

Wow he was a good kisser I stopped kissing him then I saw Katie kissing harry

To make harry jelouse Niall got a little far away he started moaning and grabbed my butt tighter I moaned harry was staring at us I let go off him and said this


Then harry went over to me and said oh yea he then kissed me I slapped him but he wouldn't let go so I kicked him in a place no boy would like

He grabbed the part I kicked him and I hugged Niall

I had tears

Niall:what wrong love

Priscilla:I only love you okay don't think I like him ok

Niall:ofcourse He said as he whipped my tears

Let's go Katie I said Niall Is coming with is so go on the backseat I said as I got in y car I was holding nialls hand while driving with the other hand

As we got home I locked my car and ran to my room with Niall

He locked the door and pushed me to my bed he got something out of his pants

Priscilla:I don't think I'm ready for this

Niall:you'll be fine love

He took off my clothes and I took his clothes

You know what happened next next thing I know I was naked with Niall

That was amazing Niall I said

I'm so glad you loved it I lived it also

I felt uncomfortable naked I didn't like my body

Hey don't worry live ur perfect ur skinny ok and ur beautiful without makeup

I changed to some sweats and a tank top and Niall put boxers on and we watched movies

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