Picture Perfect (Niall Horan Fanfic)

Falling in love always has consequences.
Especially when it's your bestfriend you're falling for.


1. Chapter 1

Skylar's POV

I shut my locker door at the sound of the last bell, indicating that the school day was finished and we could finally go home.

I slung my backpack over my shoulder and trudged down the hall, looking for my best friend to walk home with.

I noticed her at her locker talking to Jake Newman, the school jock, ignoring the commotion around them. I knew Julia and him had a "thing", and so did almost everyone else in our college class.

I waited by the stairwell, glancing over to see when she would be done with her flirting session. I have to admit, she was good at it.

But then again, she was the prettiest girl in our grade. She had long blonde hair, naturally wavy with brunette highlights. Her eyes were sky blue, with green splotches here and there.

Me on the other hand? I had ugly brown hair that was naturally wavy, but I straightened it most of the time. And my eyes were hazel, I found them quite unattractive and my worst feature to be quite honest.

I was taken out of my thoughts when Julia slapped me on the bum and screamed my name obnoxiously.

"Skylar Jane, what's up with all this daydreaming lately?" Julia asked, linking arms with mine and dragging me out of the hallway.

"It's a habit." That was the truth. I couldn't control my daydreams, but I didn't mind them. It took me to my own world, a world where I could do whatever and nobody would judge me. The human race will probably never be like that, so it's good to have a place free from it, right?

Ugh, there I go again. See, I told you I couldn't control myself!

I looked to see Julia giving me a questioning stare, which made me feel a little uncomfortable.

I decided to change the subject, and I knew exactly what to talk about.

"The real question is, what's up with you and Jake these days?" I said, giving her a cheeky wink.

As soon as I asked, her cheeks became rosy red and she looked down at her sparkly black Toms.

"There's nothing going on between us. We are just really good friends." I knew she was lying, and it's not just because she was a terrible liar, but the dumbest kid in school could tell they were more than "just friends".

"Julia, the last time I checked, "just friends" don't flirt with each other 24/7." I told her, putting my fingers like quotation marks at "just friends".

"Okay, maybe there is something, but it's so hard to tell! I honestly don't think he even likes me." Julia explained, pouting at her last sentence she said.

I couldn't believe she just said that.

"You're an idiot." I left it at that, pulling my phone out of my back pocket.

"How?" She asked, obviously confused at my lack of explanation to why she is an idiot.

"Because you're basically the prettiest girl in our grade, so any guy would be dumb not to like you. And second of all, Jake Newman is like obsessed with you, and you're too oblivious to see that. That's why you're an idiot." I explained to her, hoping she would finally understand.

"Oh whatever." I knew she agreed with me, especially after I glanced over at her to see a huge smile plastered across her face.

We turned onto our street, silence falling between us as we looked down at our phones.

Julia only lived a couple houses down from me, so we walked to and from school together everyday.

We arrived at her driveway before sliding our phones into our pockets.

"Bye Jules. I'll see you tomorrow morning." I said, giving her a quick hug.

"Bye Skye, see you tomorrow!" She yelled back, waving to me before disappearing inside her house.

I trudged down the sidewalk to my house, my bakpack beginning to make my back ache.

I pulled my key out of the front zipper in my bag, and unlocked the door with one swift motion.

As soon as I climbed the stairs to my room, I threw my backpack onto the floor and made my way over to my laptop.

I waited for it to turn fully on, then opened the Safari icon. I clicked on the latest news tab that I have saved, and scrolled through to see what was happening in the fame world.

Same old stuff as usual. Rumors, rumors, and more rumors.

I stopped scrolling when five faces appeared on the screen, making my face become expressionless.

One of those boys was my best friend when we were younger, we were inseparable actually. If you need a hint as to which one, it's the blonde haired Irish one, with the most beautiful blue eyes.

Yep, you guessed it.

Niall Horan was my best friend ever since the day he moved in next door to me, but nothing lasts forever and soon we became complete strangers.

His name brought back millions of memories, all of them clouding my brain.


"Honey, we have new neighbors moving in, and they have a son your age!" My mom shouted from downstairs, getting my attention.

"Yay! I've always wanted a friend that lives close to me!" I excitedly chanted, putting my toys away and hopping down the stairs.

"How 'bout we go over and say hi to them?" My mom asked, a big smile on her face, helping me put on my pink coat.

"Yes please! C'mon let's go!" I was already out the door before finishing my sentence, my mom following quickly behind me.

"Skylar Jane, slow down!" My mom's faint words made it hard to understand what she said, but it was too late. I had already rang their doorbell, anxiously waiting to meet my new neighbors.

The door quickly opened, revealing a blonde haired boy with sky blue eyes.

"Hi! I'm Niall! What's your name?" His Irish accent was easily noticable, and his smile made me feel very welcome.

"My name's Skylar, but you can call me Skye!" I used my nickname a lot, but it was usually my mom who called me Skylar.

"Hi Skye! Do you wanna be friends?" His quirkiness made me smile, knowing that he would be fun to have playdates with.

"Sure!" I agreed, a genuine smile appearing on my face.

And believe it or not, from that day forward, we spent every moment together, having playdates and laughing all the time. We became bestfriends and were inseparable.

*End of flashback*

I smiled at the memory of when we first met, how sweet and welcoming he was.

We literally were inseparable, living life and not caring what anyone thinks. We had so much fun together, and were the best of friends.

That was until Niall auditioned for X-Factor, where One Direction was formed and he became famous.

We lost contact a couple years ago, and now I don't even think he remembers me anymore.

So much for "Best Friends Forever".

I must have been in my own world for a while, snapping out of it with the sound of an alarm going off.

Oh man.

I forgot about my cookies!

Yes, I make cookies after my college classes if you were wondering.

Oh, and speaking of college, I have an apartment by the campus so I live there. It's quite cozy actually, perfect for me.

I keep forgetting about those stupid cookies!

I jumped out of my seat, running into the kitchen and grabbing an oven mitt. I pulled the cookies out of the oven, noticing how burnt they are.

Maybe I should just eat them anyway.

I'm a hungry girl, what can I say?

Then again, I don't know how safe it is.

I threw the cookies into the garbage and skipped up to my bedroom.

I changed into a baggy shirt and a pair of shorts, throwing my hair up into a messy bun.

I walked into the bathroom and quickly washed my face before climbing into bed.

Memories clouded my mind of the special times spent with my childhood best friend, wishing to see him again, as sleep took over me.

Author's Note

hey there! im really sorry for the boring chapter, i just wanted this as an introduction to the story.

i promise it gets better! i will try to update as soon as i can!

thank you for reading! please comment & vote because i love feedback :)

i hope you like the story so far, and it will get more interesting, just wait ;)

well thanks again!

bye for now my loves!

-Annaaa xx :)

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