The Bachelors

All the boys have been single for a while and are looking for somebody who loves them for them. What will happen when you have 40 girls fighting over 5 boys???


4. The first rose ceremony

Chapter 3

(Heather's pov)

Today is the Rose ceremony and I'm so nervous what if I don't get picked?? I met up with Hannah, Nikki, Paige, and some other girls for breakfast and I ate a huge breakfast with Paige while most girls just had a fruit smoothie or something else that has barely any calories. After breakfast I went back upstairs and changed for the rose ceremony. When I was done I was just in time because it was about to begin so I found Paige and Nikki and we walked down together. Everyone else was already there so they all watched us and some of them were glaring. But I could care less. Soon the boys arrived and we all stood up and got into a line and a lot of us joined hands. Harry started by saying that he was truly happy to meet us and that he was sorry if someone was extremely upset. Then Louis started the rose ceremony. "Hannah, Olivia, Shannon, Lily, Julianne, Annie, Kendall, Maggie, and Catherine". I was so nervous but I was really happy for Hannah, Maggie, and Olivia. Next Zayn went. "Sydney, Anna, Maddie, Rhea, Mary Louise, Abby, and Leyla". I was dupe happy for Sydney because I know that she has had a crush on him since forever. After him Niall went and I could feel the tension around me. "Nikki, Morgan, Paige, Amanda, Jada, Molly, and Pamela". I was so excited because I know that Morgan and Nikki both have a crush on Niall plus Paige got through so if I get through everything will be ok. After that Harry went and I was so nervous because Liam was going last. "Grace, Maerynn, Peyton, Emily, Amelia, Ireland, and Maddie". I was again so nervous but now more then ever because Liam was next and he was my only shot and my major crush. "Mary, Emma, Katie, Dharma, Gabbie, Lauren, and Heather". I was so relieved he called my name because I was the very last one. When I got up to him he pulled me into a hug and whispered into my ear and said that he always saves the best for last and I blushed a lot. After that the guys and Kate, Ansley, Sara, Ashley, and Amy all left after saying goodbye. Once they left all the girls decided to go their separate ways so Paige, Nikki, Grace, Sydney, and I all went to my room and watched a whole bunch of reruns on Netflix.

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