The Bachelors

All the boys have been single for a while and are looking for somebody who loves them for them. What will happen when you have 40 girls fighting over 5 boys???


5. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

I woke up the next morning and felt a foot smashed against my face and an arm laying across me. I looked around and realized that Sydney, Paige, Nikki, and Grace were all sleeping on my bed and that we fell asleep watching movies. I got off my bed and went to go shower. When I got back the girls were still asleep so I woke them up. The first one to wake up was Paige and of course Sydney was the hardest to wake up. Seriously Sydney and Zayn are just alike always sleeping. When the girls got done getting ready we went down stairs and found that none of te other girls were awake yet which was weird since it was 11 in the morning. Either way we made bacon for ourselves and went to watch tv. When we got there we were shocked to see Liam and Harry sitting there. We sat down on the couch across from them and continued to watch tv with them. Suddenly Liam looked over at us and was completely shocked but I had no clue why. When I looked at the other girls it was obvious they didn't know why either so I decided to speak up. (L-Liam H-Heather)

H-ummm not to be rude but why are you staring at us like that?

L-oh sorry it's just that most girls would never eat that much bacon and not worry about their weight

H-oh well sorry to disappoint but news flash I don't care about my weight and if a guy truly loves me then he'll be happy with my weight and will be ok with me eating bacon

L-there's nothing wrong with you eating bacon I just...

H-you just what??? Thought that every girl is going to drop to your feet and bow and starve themselves just to please you

L-no not at all I was just saying my girls are really careful about their weight but it's nice to know that not all girls are self-conscious

H-yeah well I don't let boys decide how much I eat

L-good for you


Paige, Grace, Nikki, and Sydney stared at me in shock because they knew that I love Liam and I would probably never say that while Harry looked proud of me and he just kept smiling and kept stealing glances at Grace. After a while the boys left and some of the other girls woke up. Molly and Abby came up to us and smirked. I looked up at them and decided that if they wanted to fight they would get one. (H-Heather M&A-Molly and Abby)


M&A-don't hey us we know that you flirted with Liam

H-what the crap are you talking about

M&A-this morning...well let's just get to the point stay away from Liam and Harry they are ours and if we see them with you again we will make your life a living hell got it??

H-well I understood it but I didn't 'flirt' with Liam I told him that I don't care about what people think of me. Is that a crime now because if it is then I should be in jail right now.

M&A-you little bitch just you wait your life is getting ready to be crap

H-is that really the only insult you know because if you think you can make my life anymore crappier then it already is then go ahead and try but you're not going to ruin this experience for me.

M&A- whatever bitch

I turned back around and saw that there was a huge crowd of girls. Most of them were on my side and told me good job for standing up to her and that they hated her too. I finally got back to my girls and they told me great job and that the one person dates were today. I was so excited because I was really hoping to get picked for one. They called out the names and I was going on a date with Liam, Olivia got the date with Harry, Mary got the date with Louis, Morgan got the date with Niall, and Sydney got the date with Zayn.

I was already ready for my date so I just sat there watching tv with my girls while Molly and Abby glared at me. At around 3 Liam picked me up and we walked to the carnival. When we got there we walked around a little bit while we held hands and then Liam played a basketball game and won me the biggest teddy bear I'd ever seen. After that we walked around some more and talked and then he took me back to the house around 5 and told me that I'd see him at dinner.

(Olivia's pov)

I was so ready to get this date over with. I didn't even want to be here I only came so my best friend Amy wouldn't be alone but then she got kicked off last week so I'm all alone now. Harry picked me up and we went for a walk in the park while we talked to each other. I admit it was nice but I told him why I was there and everything and he totally understood which was really nice to hear. He dropped me back off but not before he bought me a daffodil. I wonder if he knew those were my favorite...

(Mary's pov)

Ughh i so do not want to be here. I only came because there were supposed to be some really hot guys here but none of them are even cute and now I'm stuck on a date with Lewis or whatever his stupid name is. When he finally got me we went to the movies and I ignored him the whole time. We watched Despicable Me 2 and it was soooo kiddy like we I just wanted to die. Finally the date was over. He walked me up to the front door and I opened it and shut it right in his face without even saying goodbye. I'm so glad that was over.

(Morgan's pov)

I was so excited for my date with Niall. I love him so much but I think I have some competition. You know that bitch Nikki. Ugh she just needs to leave. But anyway I hope Niall takes me somewhere to eat because I am sooo hungry. When he picked me up we got into a limo and we drove up to a Nando's. We went inside and ate and talked. It was really nice and my definition of a perfect date. After we ate he took me back and I went back inside but before I left I gave him a kiss on the cheek and turned and went inside.

(Sydney's pov)

OMG I'm so excited for my date. I have loved Zayn since the band became a band. He picked me up and we went to an art center. We both got to paint a picture and so I decided to draw a picture of him. When we finished we both turned our pictures around and realized we painted each other. I looked down and blushed when suddenly Zayn put his fingers on my chin making me look up. When I did he kissed me on the cheek which made me blush even more. After that we left and he dropped me back off at the house. I needed to talk to the girls right away.

(Heathers pov)

It was such a great date and I told all the girls about it and Sydney told us all about hers and we were all so excited that we barely slept any that night.

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